Win Piles of Fabric today from Volksfaden


What can you win :: a fantastic "Going Back to School" FABRIC package from my favorite fabric shop Volksfaden, the package includes three sewing patterns and five meters of fabric and ribbon. (winner may pick the three patterns and fabric)
What do you have to do :: leave a comment telling us what your favorite Fabric label at Volksfaden
Winner will be announced :: Wednesday 16 September and notified by email.

Linda is the founder of Volksfaden and she and I are working together for a couple of years already and I can only tell you how friendly, warm and nice she is as a person and her shop is just the best! So this giveaway makes me really happy … enter enter enter and try to win!

Last weeks winner from the Aesop's Fables Poster from Ink+Wit is :: Sibora

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Bloesem loves comments
  1. Karen Ormerod

    I just love text on fabrics…so it has to me “First Numbers” in the Black and White category. I think I would have to make this into shorts for my boys…

  2. jessica

    heather ross can’t do wrong in my book. she is totally my favorite. thanks for this fabulous giveaway!

  3. Annel

    I love the creativity of Heather Ross. Plus the Volksfaden website is really nice and creative

  4. Allison

    Wow, they have a lot of the designers that I see online a lot and love (Heather Ross, Erin McMorris) but a new-to-me one that I really like is Urban Chiks – I love the retro florals.

  5. Marta

    Probably Denyse Schimdt but it’s really difficult to decide, I get lost in that shop.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. emily

    My favorite are the Japanese prints by Etsuko Furuya. I saw a quilt on etsy made from this fabric – and now I know where to find it! Gorgeous!!

    I just wrote a post about the German Schuletüte tradition last week – funny to see it comes on fabric.

  7. julia

    ok, i really love the japanese prints section!
    i love kokka so much!
    and i have to agree, it´s a fantastic shop and the old pics with the fabrics in it to introduce a designer is so cool… beautiful!

  8. jane l

    what a site…another one to add to my favourites

    my favourite would have to be erin mcmorris.

  9. melinda

    beautiful fabric in her store. i am working on a quilt right now and it would be perfect to pick a few new fabrics for it.

  10. Corrinna

    At the moment I am loving anything by Heather Ross. Awesome giveaway!

  11. jb

    I am so in love with Heather Ross’ fabrics. The moment I saw them in a shop I was transported to my childhood. I can hardly breathe, I love the Volksvaden site so.

  12. linda

    Wow, how exciting! I really love the Erin McMorris designs…especially the Pebbles Fuchsia fabric, mesmerizing to stare at!

  13. Jessica

    My favourite fabric designer at the moment must be Anna Maria Horner. But there are loads of other great fabrics available at Volksfaden. Love the shop!

  14. Mary

    Hi I love the fabric by Prints Charming .. it is a real reflection of the colour and light of Australia… such a bright, happy type of fabric… luv it …Mary

  15. Berrie Bowen

    I love Westfalenstoffe organic fabrics. I make Waldorf dolls and like to use their wonderful prints whenever possible.

  16. Susan W.

    So many! I think Tina Givens though, it feeds my bird obsession.

  17. Jurga

    All these fabrics are just great! But maybe organic fabrics are one of my favorites :)
    Thanks for great giveaway! :)

  18. Laurel Q

    Oh my! So hard to pick just one! You can’t go wrong with Heather Ross though. If I have to commit to one, I’m going with Heather Ross.

  19. Tricia

    I love Anna Maria Horner! And, of course, Amy Butler. It’s hard to choose. But right now I’m on an AMH kick.

  20. gimchi

    ahhhhhhhhhhh! choices!!!!

    heather ross, alexander henry and the japanese prints.

    oh wait, just one? *twitch*

  21. Sarah

    I cannot find a single print from the Echino collection by Etsuko Furuya that I do not like. I would cover my house in them if I could.

  22. Jenn

    Oooh! I love LOVE having new fabrics to work with – thanks for sharing such a great, FUN site. I love the Robert Kaufman (funky chickens!) fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Katie

    What a fabulous selection of fabrics! Hard choice but I love Autumn colors of the Alice Kennedy collection and the fun colors and prints of the Erin McMorris collection.

  24. Sarah

    This is like trying to choose your favourite chocolate bar – difficult!! Though I must say I love Amy Butler’s fabrics. The colours and prints are so vibrant. Thank you!!

  25. shelle

    I think it is hard to choose my favorite I have always loved Amy Butler and the organic retro posy fabric is fantastic. Thanks for a great give away!

  26. Emma

    Only one choice? I love the Alexander Henry prints, especially the fruit, and Heather Bailey, and Anna Maria Horner. This is a great give away, thank you.


  27. Nana Deb

    I love MoMo, Mod Green Pod, Urban Chiks! So hard to choose!
    Okay, Heather Bailey is my favorite today!!

  28. MzTallulah

    She has so many nice stuff, right now my favourites are Heather Ross and Momo.

  29. JJ

    Oh what a great prize! I love the 70s Cars from Prints Charming. I also love the Apple Alphabet and Pig Circles from the Japanese fabric. There are tons more great fabrics…I hope I win!

  30. Shelley

    I love the Echino fabrics by Etsuko Furuya – or any of the Japanese prints. What a wonderful giveaway!!!

  31. jennifer sheline

    I really like the Heather Ross prints, who wouldn’t?
    Although the japanese fabrics are always fun too. Thank you!

  32. Anne

    I especially love the fabrics by Alexander Henry followed by MoMo and Stenzo.

  33. Maki

    Hello. I like Erin McMorris.
    I love your blog! Thanks for the give away program!!

  34. Megan

    Ooh, this is tough. She has some great stuff. I do love Anna Maria Horner, though, especially “social climber.”
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. Sarah Jane

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve never been to the Volksfaden site so I checked out a line I hadn’t seen before: Mod Green Pod. I love all the fabrics in that line, but especially the Butterfly jubilee.

  36. ANIS***

    really nice website!
    and I love the alice kennedy fabrics…they make me looking forward for a wonderful autumn..

  37. Kaja

    Well. Since I do a lot of my designs in recycled or organic fabric it’s that section that is most interresting.

    And, the Retro Posy is just adorable!! And my daughter who looked over my shoulder agrees with me! 😉

  38. Mel

    My choice has to be the Echino collection by Etsuko Furuya – who can resist pigs and circles on green!?

  39. Katja

    I love the Erin Mc Morris collection and as well I like a lot the Michael Miller fabrics.

  40. holly

    They are all so good but maybe the Urban Chiks… what a wonderful giveaway!

  41. Bailey

    Oooh I am in love with Michael Miller fabrics so anything from that line, actually I love fabric, period, so this is a tough question!

  42. Frau MiMa

    And me? I love the fabrics of Alexander Henry. But there are so much other great fabrics. And I love the “Stoffbeutel” of Volksfaden.

  43. Marlene

    Does Echino count as a label? Because those prints are just so right, so perfectly justwhatIwaslooking for, even when I wasn’t looking for anything!

  44. Terri Clark

    I can’t pick just one! But I do like Alexander Henry. I love the fairies!

  45. Magdalena Peterson

    What a great giveaway! My favorite is Columbine Grass by Joel Dewberry.

  46. Selena Blakeley

    Ooooh, it is too hard to choose! There is just so much gorgeous fabric. However, if I have to I love Alice Kennedy’s scandinavian, 70’s inspired fabric – the trees, the owls, the apples and the colours!!!

    Such a fantastic giveaway……fingers crossed.

  47. anne

    Well that was really hard!! One designer I wasn’t familiar with and really liked was Prints Charming – especially the Paisley Garden Tomato :)

  48. Daria

    The Leaftree from the Organic Fabrics collection and Vespa Fuchsia from the Japanese prints are absolutely fantastic!
    And it was really, really difficult to choose among such wonderful fabrics!
    Great giveaway!

  49. Ingrid

    I love all of them, because Linda’s sensibility is so like mine, but to choose one: Alexander Henry, who offers a nice range of patterns.

  50. Tanja

    Wow – what a choice! It is difficult, but I must say that Prince Charming in particular caught my eye!


  51. Sarah Griffin

    I love the Toutou Flowers in the Japanese collection. What a cute dress or skirt that would make.

  52. Marleen

    “Pixel Birds Brown” Echino collection by Etsuko Furuya

    Nature on the internet, I hope it will be safed this way

  53. catherine s.

    LOVE the mod green pod aspire peppercorn (would make great pillows or a duvet cover or a bag) – but I have a special place in my heart for Alexander Henry’s apples – check out my blog background 😉

  54. emilyplays

    I’m in love with the new Jungle Noon and the Leopard Landscape – Ooh the pixel birds too! What a cool site – totally new to me. I love the photo/fabric headings!

  55. jessi

    My fav are the Echino Japanese Prints, closely followed by MoMo prints!!!

    Gorgeous fabric! Thanks for introducing me to a new shop!!! :)

  56. molly jean

    heather ross! russian nesting dolls, unicorns and princess in the pea?!! yes!!! i love the subjects, colors, and style.

  57. Nicki Cooper

    My favourite has to be Erin McMorris and her “Wildwood” collection. It reminds me of my lovely mum and the crazy, funky clothes she used to make me as a kid from the leftover fabric of her dresses! Beautiful…

  58. Janie

    Oh. My. God. Why have I never found this site before??? And how the heck am I s’posed to choose just one?!!!

    Hmmm, today I shall pick Urban Chiks becos I ‘NEED’ their Sweet Birds Green.

    Off to drool a tad more now…

  59. julie

    wow, the BEST giveaway of all time. if i win i don’t know what i’ll choose, i love the whole site…. i love the japanese designers and momo and also the dutch company; stenzo!

  60. Jenni

    “Urban Chiks”, these gals are masters at co-ordinating the unco-ordinated ie: silhouette birds with dainty vintage roses, they some how manage to tie different styles & themes together. Thanks for the chance :)

  61. Debra

    Who can pick just one? Heather Ross, Joel Dewberry and I’m excited for the new Denyse Schmidt fabrics!

  62. Brianna

    I love, love love Kaffe Fassett! Everytime I use up some of his fabric I have to go buy more because I can’t stand not having it in my collection (a little OC)!

  63. jo

    i love love love anna maria horner’s stuff. but pretty much everything i looked at was making it difficult for me to choose a favorite!

  64. Hilda

    Heather Ross’s color schemes and artwork are refreshing and wonderful!

  65. pamela

    i love all of the selections! what great taste they have. but my favorite has to be the ORGANIC collection. if only all of the beautiful prints were on organic cotton! thanks for the opportunity to win such a cool prize!

  66. allison-lee

    There are so many to choose from! I’m going to say Sandi Henderson’s Vintage Cherries (classic), but I also LOVE Alice Kennedy’s fabrics and the Japanese prints.

  67. Marina

    OK, I can’t choose just one!!!! It’s to much overload!!!! I do love the LoLa Apron and Bedtime story pajamas pattern!!!
    Thanks for the chance of winning such and amazing prize!!!

  68. katrina

    So hard to choose but I do really like Erin McMorris! Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  69. sacha

    I love Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics (and that she has six kids!) also I think that Brandon Mably is great!

  70. Mariah

    Is it still Wednesday in your neck of the woods? I love the Anna Maria Horner fabrics – if I have to choose!

  71. Kath

    I’m always impresssed (& inspired) by Linda’s exceptional creativity and flair in weaving her fabric selections into vintage photographs! My favorite – MoMo and I would so love to win this!

  72. Sophie Lucas

    Bonjour! I love japanese prints in general. These are fabulous.I think Alice Kennedy’s prints are lovely too.

  73. Julia

    Oh… all fabrics look so cute in the pictures on your website. If I have to choose, I think the fabrics by Denyse Schmidt are my favorite.

  74. Jacqui

    I’d have to vote for Heather Ross, a perennial favourite of mine! But also love the Aussie designers.

  75. Sarita Pessoa

    Down under for sure! Such a little treasures.Congrats Linda.

  76. Jeanie Taylor

    What a great website! I had a really hard time choosing between all the wonderful fabrics–loved Momo and the organic fabrics–but Brandon Mably’s Fish Lips in every color won my vote.

  77. swishmusic

    Just wanted to say also that I love your site! It’s just gorgeous! I would love to win, to be completely honest I can’t decide – all of the fabrics on the site are beautiful, but Amy Butler’s Martini Fuschia would look so lovely in my daughters room!

  78. hollyabee

    So many cute fabrics! My favorites are the Japanese fabrics, but I especially love Yule Trees in the Holiday category. Whoever wins, is a lucky duck!

  79. Gudrun

    Great website. I want everything there. My favorite fabric label at Volksfaden is Kokka, especially the swedish horses. The Japanese are such geniouses in printmaking.

  80. Kati

    I like the japanese fabrics and Anna Maria Horners Fabrics the best!

    Amazing Giveaway!

    Bye, Kati

  81. Jodie H

    I really love the Alexander Henry prints, especially Sage Glen Play Day and the very cute Japanese bunnies in Ohinasama Pink.

  82. Jamie Brodd

    Wow-great give away. So many great fabrics. I love Heather Ross and Erin McMorris. The patterns are great too.

  83. Pececito arcoiris

    Hmmm…so difficult to say only one!! I love McMorris, Miller and Kauffman series and, and…nearly everything!! I have to dive a bit in that inredible web!! Thanks for sharing!!

  84. Steph

    I love Michael Miller fabrics, especially Night Owls and Groovy Guitar. I dream to make some clothes for my little boy with these fabrics, cute and rock’n’roll in the same time…like my baby boy !!!
    But, i will be happy to do this with all of fabrics included in the package, of course !

  85. Lisa

    That was a very hard decision but I’ll have to say, Momo. ok, I going back now to do some shopping…

  86. Tinde

    I loved the shop and will do some shopping as soon as I will get some money :). Thanks for the link
    I loved many Volksfaden’s fabrics but lets say my favourite was “Cookies Lime”.

  87. Tuija

    Gosh, so many lovely fabrics and fabric collections to choose from! I might have accidentally ordered something already :)

    I liked some of the Japanese prints and also Princess and the Pea by Heather Ross.
    Hope I win!

  88. JeanineE

    I’m really liking the “prints charming” line by Cath Derksema and Kerstan Junor. Thanks!

  89. Colleen D

    Wow! what a giveaway. I love the Heather Ross collection. Who can resist a Frog’s Life. Cheers!

  90. Sarah

    today i am enjoying paula prass. it might be different tomorrow though:)

  91. Katie

    Hi the fabrics are all so wonderful it is really hard to choose but I just love Stenzo’s Eloise fabric.

  92. Fer

    Too many good ones to chose from! I’ve always been partial to Prints Charming though. :)

  93. cindy barriga

    Prints charming is absolutely marvelous. Literally and figuratively! Thanks for the chance!!! 😀

  94. Sari

    I like Pig Circles Red fabric. But there was too many wonderful prints so it was difficult to decide :)

  95. Nell Fothergill

    I just love the colours in the MoMo fabrics…put them next on my quilt’s to make list or skirt’s to make or pillow’s to make list or even this years Christmas Stockings…mmm now there’s an idea!

  96. Heather

    I really like the Japanese prints! The color and shapes just make me what to smile!

  97. Shawndra

    So many great fabrics!I’m madly in love with Joel Dewberry. I’m already in negotiations with my huband to buy several yards of fabric.

  98. susana

    For me it as to be Stenzo. It makes me go back in time … I can almost swear that when I was little I had a dress made with a fabric very similar to the Lady Dots. Good tip this site, for those who make art out of rags!

  99. Shannon

    I’m a huge fan of all Heather Ross fabrics! And, the Kokka fabrics Echino line is a favorite and great to work with, as well.

  100. Idelet van Woerkom

    Hi, what a wonderful give-away!!
    I really love the fabrics of Alice Kennedy. But the whole shop have beatifully fabrics.

    ‘n Elzetje

  101. Annisa

    I adore so many of these fabrics… so hard to choose!
    I think I’ll have to go with Paula Prass… lovely!

  102. Diane

    Such a hard choice but I think Momo is my favourite with Tina Givens coming in a close second. I didn’t know this site before. Thanks for sharing!

  103. sabway

    …das ist einfach, momentan würd ich auf jedenfall Brandon Mably wählen!
    ..thats easy, checked the site just last week, would choose Brandon Mably!

  104. Tenfold

    My favorite is Heather Ross Because I am the Princess and the Pea since gazillion years…
    I hope I win…
    Thanks for the giveaway…

  105. heather

    I quite liked some of the ‘Japanese Prints collection’ and Amy Butler’s designs are always nice!

  106. Noa

    omg! it HAS to be the black butterfly (from the black and white range)
    its so stunningly beautiful. i can imagine it would make anything come to life, and most of all, my heart flutter!

  107. hanna

    I like the MoMo fabrics. I also like some of the japanese fabrics and Erin McMorris.

  108. Natalie

    A hard decision but I love the MoMo Wonderland collection – gorgeous colours and motifs with a slight 70’s vibe. Bella!

  109. Melissa

    That is a totally unfair and loaded question– how are you supposed to pick ONE? I daily grope my bolts of AMH, Kaffe and Mr. Dewberry, but I’m dying to get my hands on some Etsuko Furuya– the pigs. And everything else… please, please, please pick me and make a fabric junkie very, very happy…

  110. Gypsy Forest

    I adore the Heather Ross prints….. but I’ve been wanting to get some Denyse Schmidt stuff for awhile now…. those fabrics look so lovely :) Thanks for offering such a wonderful give away :)

  111. lucia

    So many lovely new print designers I didnt know about but I really love Heather Bailey’s prints and also the nesting pink by Aunty Cookie – both different styles but both wonderful:) Both perfect to help jazz up our home:)

  112. Shimmy Shake

    I would love to win this…I adore fabric!! I think my favorite line is the japanese prints by kokka fabrics! But, honestly they are all wonderful!

  113. Lindsey Elisabeth

    Oh my gosh! How are you supposed to choose?!

    Well I’ve always had a thing for the Japanese prints and Joel Dewberry.

    BUT Amy Butler is totally my homegirl. She is an alumn from my university and I used all her fabrics for our recent wedding napkins. I just love the colors she chooses.

  114. Sarah

    MoMo! Makes me want mo’ mo’. The dear “Snip Snip” patterns are so whimsical and fresh. Cute.

  115. Meagan

    It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I love Joel Dewberry’s modern take on classic designs and his soft, faded colors!

  116. sam

    I love aunty cookie and the other Australian designers. Also a sucker for Japanese fabrics!

  117. Joke Vande Gaer

    Erin McMorris is my absolute favorite! Wish I had a money tree to buy all the fabrics!

  118. Melinda

    It would have to be the pretty ‘Emma’ design from Stenzo fabrics. Reminds me of a Scandinavian country house in the summer time – so pretty.

  119. Kim


    my first and favourit fabric was mendocino from heather ross!

    but i like someone… kokka, westfaen, stenzo, momo…

    have a nice day-


  120. Zoe

    Dahlia dots blue is lovely fabric by the looks of it. As to a designer I always like Alexander Henry!

  121. noa .d.

    I love patty young, my favorite color combo!

    thank you for the chance to win :)

  122. Alison

    I love Erin McMorris’s prints and colors, with Denyse Schmidt a very close second … and then there’s Stenzo’s Holly fabric, which I fell in love with the first time I saw it. I hate making choices. 😉

  123. Marije

    I love Japanese prints, they are perfect for my not so grown-up style of dressing. For example: “Vespa Fuchsia” echino nico by Etsuko Furuya

  124. Barbara Olthoff

    Mmm, which one shall I pick? Amy Butler, or…, or..? There all great!

  125. ninocka

    How could i possibly choose, there are a lot of them absolutelj gorgeus. Amy Butler and Stenzo.

  126. Lola May

    For sure, Japanese fabrics from Kokka, Echino, Lecien and Daiwabo are my favourites.Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. Ngarie

    I love the Alexander Henry designs, especially the Ducks one… my daughter is in love with ducks at the moment and I think a little dress in this fabric would be perfect!

  128. Marloes

    I just love the fabrics by Robert Kaufman and Alexander Henry. But also the Japanese Prints are great. Hard to choose!!

  129. Ineke

    Hard to choose only one design, there are so many nice ones!
    But the fabrics from Robert Kaufman I really love, specially the Peas Lime design.
    It just makes me happy!

  130. Diane

    As an Australian I’m going to be biased and say I love the ‘Down Under’ section. Hollabee’s fabrics are just lovely!

  131. Bea

    I love Joel Dewberry’s Columbine Grass “Deer Valley” in green. But there are so many beautiful fabrics at Volksfaden!

  132. Ange

    What a really great giveaway. I suppose I’m too late, but my absolute favourite on Volksfaden is Stenzo. I particularly love, love, love the colours and quality of their babycord fabric, so much that I must have bought most of the designs from last winter.

  133. eline Rodiers

    The japanese prints for sure! It makes me want to sing and laugh. It reminds me of my own childhood!

  134. pamela lance

    Fabric designs have gotten interesting again! So many wonderful new styles! Heather Bailey’s Pop Daily Turquoise really strikes my fancy!

  135. Sonja

    I love the Bold Japanese fabrics from Kokka, Echino, Lecien and Daiwabo most because of their bright colours and animals on it.
    When I win I will use the fabric to make blankets for Ethiopian children in Addis Ababa. We support an orphanage home there and hope to visit them in 2010! I will bring a lot of blankets for them!

  136. Crystal

    Loving Denyse Schmidt right now! I would be so happy to use her fabrics as I continue to learn to sew.

  137. Molly

    i really like denyse schmidt’s work…thanks for the fun giveaway!

  138. Liselotte

    Zelf vind ik de stoffen van Brandon Mably erg mooi, de combinatie van marimekko en retro spreekt mij erg aan!

    I like the fabric of Brandon Mably, love the combination of marimekko and retro!

  139. sally

    I absolutely adore the Patty Young Secret Garden Leaf fabric. When I first moved out of my parents house I moved into a cramped little apartment. The first thing I did in my bedroom was paint my walls chartreuse and my ceiling purple. To this day it’s still one of my favorite color combos. LOVE that fabric!

  140. Ingrid wierenga

    I love the japanese fabrics from Kokka, Echino, Lecien and Daiwabo – cute but sophisticated.
    Ps, I LOVE the tabs to click for each different designer, they’re so creative!

  141. Meike Wolgast

    My favourite fabric is “Apple Sky” from Robert Kaufman. It reminds me of my own childhood. I like now creating things with this fabric for my little daughter.

  142. sarahjean

    Hello there, I absolutely adore the MoMo fabrics….
    Tweedle Dee Tomato to be exact… makes me dream of sewing sweet little fall dresses….

  143. Beatriz Feio

    My heart is always divided between the Etsuko Furuya and Michael Miller fabrics for my baby boy, or the beautiful and creative Alexander Henry and Tina Givens fabrics for me!

  144. amy

    Stenzo: can’t get enough of it. Love the palettes, and the patterns are a nice balance of classic & edgy. Only “problem” is that it’s suitable for so many applications it’s hard to decide where to use it!

    Thanks for a super giveaway!

  145. millie johnson

    My oh my! I am now in love with this delicious website!… I am always in search of darling fabric. I fell madly for the japanese fabrics… Moscow Matroshka, and Little Red Riding Hood. ohhhh, so many cute ones! I would love to sew these into some aprons for my little girls Mabel and Birdie. Thanks!

  146. aafje

    I’m teaching the children in my class the song of ‘Roodkapje’, Little red riding hood. I teach the song to every new class. The children love it, just as I loved it when I was young. It is such an impressive fairy tale! No doubt about it, I love the fabrics of Kokka Fabrics, it’s a fairy tale come true!

  147. simone

    I love Paula Prass’s fabric. I’m just learning to sew-this would be so great!

  148. Melissa Mossotti

    I was stopped by Heather Bailey’s designs…It reminded me of my beautiful mother Susan when she was young in the 1970s. My mother was very young when she had her children and I was in awe of her beauty and sense of fashion. I just thought of my mother the other day when I was walking down a path in the woods and saw a gathering of black eyed susan flowers..and now seeing Heather Bailey’s fabric tied it all together for me by bringing back a flood of memories of my mother in an instant, all in flashes of color and emotion….now that is talent!…when you can create something that overwhelms a person’s memory and stop their heart for a moment.

  149. Emma

    Oh wow, so many to choose from… if I had to pick a fav it would be… um… Denyse Schmidt :)

  150. Helen

    Oooh…I just love Amy Butler. Volksfaden is a treasure trove…so hard to choose a favourite xxx

  151. Cherry Cherry

    It has to be Amy Butler. Such beautiful designs and harmonising colours.

  152. phyllis

    Gotta love the Sock Monkeys by Erin Michael, especially since I live in the town where the original sock monkey was born!

  153. valerie j.

    Juicy // happy ** graphic ++ flowered — dotted “”” sunny // surprising :: joyeux ** sensible = souvenirs ** grandmother // pink ++ fresh // lovable! :: tonique — vivid ** revitalizing :: optimist ** Festival Tangerine by Anna Maria Horner

  154. Sarah

    I love anything in Echino – the cars, the vespa, anything. I’ve made some great art sets out of the cars print – great for guys who don’t want to walk around with a “girly” looking art bag.

  155. Stephanie

    I love them all !
    But if I really have to chose, I would go for the Japanese Prints.
    I just adore ‘Forest Aqua’ !

  156. Susana

    If I must pick one, Anna Maria Horner it is. But I love me some Alexander Henry, and Heather Ross, and, and…

  157. Jennifer W.

    I am crazy for the Mod Bean Pod right now. So perfect for so many projects around the home.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!


  158. kim moore

    i love all the bright colors and vivid prints! my favorite is red riding hood, and i think i would make a jumper from it.

  159. karenmcc

    WOW! what an amazing choice. Hard to pick just one, but I’m leaning towards Down Under. Great to see a fellow Aussie out there.

  160. Catherine

    I like Patty Young’s collection, in particular the Mod Blooms Corduroy – gorgeous.
    Lovely website and thanks for the giveaway.

  161. Kimberly

    I would have to say that Joel Dewberry’s fabrics are my favorite! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  162. Elena

    Fantastic giveaway!!
    I’ve been checked the fabrics on Volksfaden, and well is difficult to choose only one. All the designers she has on the store are wonderful. But if I Have to choose one maybe it will erin mcmorris.
    Thanks for a great giveaway,



    Loving the Urban Chiks range. The retro rose fabrics look so fresh and make me think apple-picking, home-making, 1950’s American movies which is very much suiting my mood at this time of year.

  164. molly

    It is really hard to decide — all the lines and fabrics are so fantastic. I think though that maybe Robert Kaufman takes the cake.

  165. Jill Bueci

    I love Heather Ross and Prints Charming and of course Amy Butler. Cool website!

  166. Catherine

    Wow, what a fabulous collection. I loved browsing through everything. I love the Echino line, especially the double gauze called Forest. Thanks for such a fun giveaway.

  167. Karen

    I love the beautiful artwork on the Volksfaden site! One of my favorite fabric labels there is Lecien. Thank you!

  168. amelie no mori

    I didn’t know this shop. I like that they’re taking b&w pictures and adding some of the fabric to them. ^^ The Stenzo one looks really great!
    They have lots of great fabrics, it’s hard to pic a favourite. I’ll say Patty Young because I love the colors she uses and Alexander Henry because they have some great prints.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  169. Monica

    My favorite is Dots sunshine from Denyse Schmidt, I love her designs!

  170. Turandot2

    I’m definitely in love with the japanese prints. They are so cute and they bring me my happy chilhood days back

  171. Elke

    Hard to tell, as I really like Linda’s selection and adore the way she designed her shop. But most of all I like her selling organic fabrics with nice designs, too.

  172. debi

    Am loving the URBAN CHIKS, great giveaway am so pleased to find your site!!

  173. Esther

    So many favourites, but I truly love Patty Youngs Stained Glass Lime and Gothic Wave Leaf because they remind me of a bedcover my mother once made me, with this kind on fabric on one side and a pale pink on the other side. Most of all, I admire the black and white photos with fabrics on it for each label. Beautiful!

  174. gingerangel

    My favourite is Tina Givens. Have a fascination with birds right now, and I adore the prints and colours, beautiful!

  175. Evie

    What a great fabric shop _ it was my first time there – and I was spoilt for choice. If I have to choose a favourite it would be Echino collection by Etsuko Furuya. I’ve coveted it for ever but still don’t have any.
    Thanks for a great and very generous giveaway!

  176. Janine

    i love the Black and White!! The fabrics are wonderful. I hadn’t seen them before. So creative!

  177. Jannette

    That had me drooling over their website..! I love the Denyse Schmidt fabrics – very hard to choose though, there are so many wonderful ones!

    Thank you for the chance of taking part!

  178. sadie Fox

    Denyse Schmidt’s fabric is so beautiful, modern and retro all at the same time. I can imagine a house/closet full of projects for these prints. Choosing one is VERY difficult. I also love the new Swedish Hens from Kokka! Too cute.

  179. auk ferwerda

    i love the fabrics by joel dewberry, heather ross and tina exating your giveaway, auk

  180. VioletteCrumble

    I’m going to have to stand by Denyse Schmidt for designs that I always love. Speaking of design, the Volksfaden web design is fantastic.

  181. Becky

    I’m so impressed by all the lovely fabrics you carry but I must say I am totally in love with Michael Miller fabrics!

  182. Jennifer Jeffery

    So many gorgeous fabrics to choose from !!!! I do especially love Anna Maria Horner fabrics.

  183. Jessica

    oooh, such a hard choice! I do love Amy Butler though, so very pretty and I could think of a million things to do with her gorgeous stuff!

  184. ida kristoffersen

    Just adore the japanese fabrics by etsuko furuyaavailable on volksfaden!

  185. sofia

    I love Amy Butler fabrics. She’s my favourite fabric designer.
    And this is a great giveaway!

  186. Sally

    I believe my favorite is Anna Maria Horner. I just love her designs and colors that she uses.

  187. Laila

    It just has to be the japanese fabrics for me. The crazyness of Pig Circles in mad and fantastic. I can think of a dozen projects for that one!!

  188. kristel

    Am I in time? I hope so, because this is such a nice give-away! I really like the fabrics of heather ross most.

  189. Andrea

    Loving Prints Charming – and those “70’s cars”! Makes me remember the clothes of my childhood…

  190. Helen O'Loan

    I love, love the work of Etsuko Furuya! fantastic colour combination, so vivid. The subject matter is always fresh and unusual. So beautiful!

  191. Helen O'Loan

    I also adore the fabrics of Heather Ross. So whimsical & original. I have bought them from shops around Sydney but now I know where to get them online! I would love to make a simple shirt dress with buttons up the front with her Giant Octopi Aqua. Hedy x

  192. mimpies

    Volksfaden offers a great diversity in fabrics. Good shop. The Giant Octopi and Swimm class of Heather Ross make me smile, thats funny about fabric.

  193. Cindy Terpsma

    Too much to choose from. But, if I must: I love the prints from Erin McMorris, the colors are just perfect and the prints from Erin Michael make me smile.

  194. viki neville

    I like Anna Maria Horner. The colors and prints are beautiful.

  195. Suanne

    Wow an awesome website, i love the Stenzo line!! So much fun and vibrance!

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