Win a lovely handmade House Pillow


What can you win :: a lovely little house pillow from HIJKids, handmade by Leililaloo in Amsterdam.

What do you have to do ::  just leave a comment right here about HIJKids.

Winner will be announced :: Wednesday October 7 and notified by email.

Kristine founded the lovely HIJKids shop based on the following philosophy :: offer a collection of clothing, toys and accessories that is stylish, well-crafted and beautifully made and the goal is to feature designers whose work reflects simple, classic designs with modern details. Thank you Kristine.

Last weeks winner from the Ladd&Lass lamp is :: Kaz Cronkshaw






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  1. Caroline Olivier-Burgaud

    Hi from France ! So cute are these pillows ! I well imagine them in the bedroom of my sons, for the evening stories’ moment…

  2. Jodie H

    I love these, they are so lovely and original. I can just see my kids gazing at them as they drift off to sleep to dream about these little houses.

  3. Lindsey Elisabeth

    Wow. These are so adorable. I love the idea of a nursery with a collection of those bird on it, like the forest outside is poking through the wall and little birdies are gathering to check it out. The houses would be so cute on a pair of twin beds as well. How lovely.

  4. Fanny Zara

    I love the selection at HIJKids, and I am so sad I missed the bear dolls from A little Sprout that are now all sold out!

  5. Amy

    I love the uniqueness of all the stuff on HIJKids. These pillows, although it is a children’s design, would look cute anywhere in our house. Love it!

  6. shintia

    i would love to have these for my daughter. oh gorgeous!!

  7. Jennifer

    These pillows are so awesome! I love the hand drawn quality – great for inspiring young imaginations.

  8. Sarah

    What a beautiful store! I love how it’s all so age appropriate for children without being juvenile. The dresses, oh the dresses …

  9. Amy

    I’ve long loved her etsy shop, and I’m so glad to see her new venture!

  10. Samantha

    Oh boy! I have loved these sweet houses for a long time (-:
    My three-year old son says he really wants one, so Pick us!!

  11. Elizabeth

    Those are charming and inspiring. I would love to add one to my daughter’s newly decorated room.

  12. egater

    So cute :) And thereis so many beautiful idems on the webpage – Ilove them all

  13. katrina

    My daughters would love this! I’m sure it would fit right in with their fairyland play.

  14. gridl

    I love this pillow, but also the bear dolls are very cute.

  15. noa d

    cute!!! This house is adorable, great links, thank you for the chance to win it!

  16. jane l

    such unique designs, the decor the clothes, and those hairclips are so cute

  17. Sarah

    Hey there from Australia! I wish I could shrink myself tiny and slip into one of these gorgeous houses. They are simply stunning. Or else be a child again to wear those sweet pixie tops. sigh. it’s great being little. thank you for making such lovely things to give us a smile! :)

  18. Elaine g.

    I just checked out the website and I love all the beautiful dresses! They’re so simple and stylish!

  19. cate

    oh so cute! i love the way everything is done with such care and attention to beauty. my kids would swoon.

  20. Kate N.

    These are so sweet – I love the reading room pillow the most but any of them would be a welcome addition to our home :-) Thank you!

  21. Kate Tanaka

    These are so lovely, even my very boyish boys should love them!!

  22. JJ

    Love these pillows! If I don’t win I might try to make one myself…and their website gives lots more inspiration!

  23. cindy barriga

    Oh my goodness these pillows are adorable. Lovely even. I know I would not be able to create one like that so it would be the cutest addition for my new baby cousin. It would be the cutest thing sitting in her crib. Thanks for the chance!! 😀

  24. Rumi

    I love that ! So I play ! Thanks for your blog that allow me to discover wonderfull things and people !

  25. Tracy Nors

    What an array of beautiful things!
    Love the birdies and can imagine the pillows in my son Indigo’s room.

  26. joohee

    What a fun idea! If I don’t win one, at least, I can steal the idea and make my own… Thanks!

  27. Marian

    The pillow is adorable and the colors are great. I love that their products are made well.

  28. Aleksandra


    I absolutely like the designs – so charming. Colors are bright and vital, and pics are so funny. I’ve got one 3yrs old boy and the second in the way :) so I’m looking for fabrics, designs, pics which could bring some enjoyment into childish world.

  29. Susana

    I have no idea if I’m eligible, but I had to say how lovely these are. My baby would love one to pet (and possibly chew on, but that’s just what she does).
    I love the birds, too, and the little girl bear dolls.

  30. Vikki McDonald

    How cute! The little house would look lovely on my daughters dresser!

  31. julie

    love this website!! so many beautiful things. and i love leilaloo, she is one of my favorites on etsy!

  32. Katy

    I’ve never liked chambray. And I can be stubborn. But, the Sofia dress….well, it’s changed my obdurate noodle. That’s saying something.

  33. Ulla

    Everybody dreams about having their own house – me too:)

    These are so cuuuuute
    Ulla, Denmark

  34. Heather DJ

    I had to stop myself from buying the seersucker jacket on the sale page- I don’t know any little girls. I would to love to have the house pillow!

  35. sacha

    I think that these are fantastic and my little girl would love to play house with her doll in front of a pillow like this! What wonderful items!

  36. alisha ann

    So splendid! I’m in the process of making a tent for my little guy, how sweet to include these little pillows!

  37. Natalie

    not only are these whimsy pillows pretty and practical they would make the most wonderful keepsake for any child, a reminder of the possibilites of imagination. Beautifuly crafted pieces inspire me as a mother everyday, thankyou for sharing your talent xxxx

  38. Katherine

    Love the dining room house pillow! It portrays just the kind of cozy environment I try to create in our home :)

  39. Beth

    The pillows are so cute. This shop has many charming things. It would be hard to pick a favorite, but I think mine would be the dolls–Chloe Bear, Alice Bear, Sophie Bear. Precious.

  40. Margie

    What a wonderful idea. I just love the character of these houses. They make you just want to cuddle them. I so would like this for my little girl’s room. She has just turned 1 and we are just about to design her room. You are so talented. The birds are so gorgeous as well. Thank you so much.

  41. Margie

    P.S I also love those dolls and the tops just devine! I wish they had a mailing list.

  42. Pipsqueak

    I’d LOVE a pillow and I’m sure I could share nicely with my girls ;0)

  43. Sarah

    I love these! I collect “house” art work and even have a house tattoo. These are adorable. I would totally love one

  44. lanha

    greetings from SoCal! these pillows are absolutely darling and would bring a smile to both mom and daughter. thanks for the little bit of sunshine!

  45. Ryoko

    I saw her housepillow earlier at her etsy shop. And I just love it. My son started to say “ouchi” (measn house in Japanese), so I think he is happy to see this pillow!

  46. Kate

    So whimsical and playful! I can’t wait till my twins are old enough to do some of the craft projects on your site.

  47. Dee dee Holst

    Oh my gosh! I wish I were this creative! I love the pillows and the site. Did you see the wall art “peace”? Love it!

  48. kim moore

    i love how bright and colorful they are on the gray background. so much fun!

  49. Kelly Mugford

    Ohh what a special little pillow! My little one would LOVE this!! Great Idea!

  50. Samantha

    What beautiful original clothing! If only I was 6 yrs old again. Any chance of turning your talent to little boys threads?

  51. Halley T

    You make me long to create, to be a better mother, to enjoy my kids and relax about the mess they make. What charming things you have. Just beautiful….

  52. Andee

    I just went to the site and saw the cutest Chloe Bear Doll. It is sold out, but it is so cute.

  53. Ann May

    Great web site and fund stuff – apple apron, beautiful clothes!

  54. crystine

    Damn cute!
    I want to shrink right down to the size where all those funky pieces fit me. As for the pillow…I’d love to keep it myself but I know a sweet friend whose wee one just may need it more…

  55. Andrea

    this houses are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! it would be really interesting to make a kind of workshop with the kids so they can build their own houses :)…
    lovely houses…

  56. Amy Evanson

    What lovely pillows! I think my children would be as enchanted as I am . . .

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