Studio Ditte

Fun tableware wallpaper by Studio Ditte

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  1. Lady Ren

    Wow I just love this wallpaper.
    When I lived in St. Maarten I tried to create something similar to this wallpaper using real plates. On the dutch side of the island there are many antique shops that sell plates with dutch patterns or from old hotels on the island. Part of why I never tried to create the effect in my subsequent homes was because it is a pain to clean the plates, especially in a cooking area that tends to build up that sticky cooking residue. Fantastic wallpaper.

  2. Christine

    This wallpaper is so much fun! I love its take on plates as a wall decoration. Usually no one under 60 would hang a plate on a wall- it’s just old fashioned. But this is done with a ‘wink’ and humour- fantastic!

  3. Jolijn

    So great, love it! Even more so with the combination of ‘the real deal’!…

    Jolijn (Design)

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