A pile of fabrics to win today…

Wow_noeks Noeks
What can you win :: 300 grams of fabric remnants from my favorite Dutch fabric webshop NoeKs

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment below below and let us know which fabric designer available at NoeKs is your favorite.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday January 27 and notified by email.

..NoeKs blog..

Last Weeks winner from the Magpielovely giveaway is :: Sharstin Miller

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  1. jennifer sheline

    I would certainly put these to good use! They are lovely.

  2. hedy

    Laura Gunn and Lila Tueller on number 1 and 2 and all the rest on number 3.Great variety.

  3. sabrina

    Of the selection on the website, I like Erin McNorris the best, but I am really liking the whole shop in general!

  4. Sari

    I dont know about fabrics , but that hedgehog ribbon is my absolutely favorite!

  5. Maïthé

    Wow! I’d love to win all the scraps featuring on your picture. And, as I have to choose one designer amongst the Noeks’s, I would say that my favorite is Robert Kaufman. And Alexander Henry. And Erin Mc Morris. And….

  6. Louise

    I can only choose one? that’s so tough! I’ll have to choose Erin McMorris as I use so much of her fabrics in my work. Lovely to see some different designers esp. Lila Tueller and Tas-ka that I haven’t seen before.

  7. Nenamai

    Resulta difícil elegir porque todos son preciosos pero me quedaría con:
    Japanese Prints_Flowers_Kokka Fabrics

  8. Merel

    My favourites are the fabrics of Tina Givens, with the lovely birds. And of course Noeks herself, for offering us all those fantastic fabrics and ribbons!

  9. tartankiwi

    I think my favourite would have to be Robert Kaufman- very cool designs!

  10. lylyneu

    I love, I wish, I’m enjoy when I see Double Gauze Blue !!!

  11. Nic


    i am so exited to see my DEERstar ribbon design and other german farbenmix-ribbons here at you blog!

    :) nic

  12. naomi

    tricky question…would have to say Anna Maria Horner. This is a fantastic giveaway!!

  13. Eve

    That is a toughie. I am pretty loyal to Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, and Alexander Henry. But I have loved those echino vespas for too, too long. So today my answer is that I love the japanese fabric section.

  14. Moniek Dollekens

    Wow, do I have to choose ONE designer…

    I love them all, especially the Japanese Prints, but also Michael Miller, Tas-ka and Tina Givens!

  15. Mariana

    oh, I will fill all the summer nights making smallnesses with this, they just look to good : )
    I like Erin Mc Morris

  16. Loren

    I love Amy Butler and Robert Kaufman and those Japanese prints are adorable!

  17. Isabel King


    I really love the russian doll ribbon. Just that on a white peasant blouse would be stunning.

    And I love your blog!

  18. Kel

    What a lovely giveaway. I really liked the Laura Gunn prints and hadn’t seen her work before. Thanks for the intro!

  19. Nora

    Hello, Alexander Henry is my favourite! And second in line is Robert Kaufman. But actually, they all are fantastic!

  20. magali

    I just love love love Amy Butler
    Altough it is difficult to pick a favourite out of all these amazing prints.

  21. Barbara

    All the fabrics are wonderful. Alexander Henry likes me very much. Thank you in advance for the opportunity!!! Barbara (Italy)

  22. Lucia

    Very difficult to choose! I love them all!!
    But Anna MAria Horner, and LAura Gunn. And Erin MAcmorris.
    Thanks, Lucia.

  23. Fiona Jones

    I love the Japanese prints especially the Russian Dolls! But they are all super!!!

  24. se7en

    Oh good grief I can’t decide, but I can tell you that There is not a ribbon in the store that I don’t swoon over… ok alexander henry, but really I have no discernment, love it all!!!

  25. Raquel

    Without a doubt Etsuko Furuya. Anna Maria Horner is a close second. I. Love. Fabric.

  26. amber

    i like a lot of the designs, but i am drawn to tas-ka and the “city blue” pattern. with four boys and a fifth baby on the way, this fabric would surely be put to good use!

  27. Justine

    i like tas-ka best. very eye-catching and extraordinary. would love to win! have a nice day, justine

  28. Kaffiknopf

    oh these are so yummi! please count me in. my favorites are the three wonderful gentlemen (michael) miller, (alexander) henry and (robert) kaufmann. I LOVE THEM. I´m sure everyone does. But I share them with the world, thats ok. :)

  29. Tracy

    I still adore the Heather Bailey Pop Garden Sway Ivory! Soooo pretty!

  30. Meme

    I love them all, the japanese prints , Michael Miller, all of them!!

  31. Barbara

    I really like Alexander Henry, Amy Butler and Tina Givens :-) I couldn’t possibly choose just one among them!

  32. Lindsey Elisabeth

    Oh they have so many fabric designers. I can never go wrong with Amy Butler or Joel Dewberry, but lately I’ve also been really digging Tula Pink’s line!

    Wonderful giveaway!

  33. Isabelle Dresel

    My favourite one is for sure Sandi Hendersson and her great apple fabric.

  34. Anke Fierlafijn

    It’s a paradise your site but Robert Kaufman must me by favourite.

  35. Katie B

    Ooh, I’d love to add that stack of scraps to my stash!! All of these designers are fantastic. My favorite would have to be Anna Maria Horner.

  36. Caroline

    Difficult to choose… Well, among others I like, my prefered designer is Robert Kaufman.

  37. ashley

    Lula pink! but they all offer something great. very lovely.

  38. Linnea

    I couldn’t neither name the one I don’t like nor the one I like most. Usually I can’t resist Michael Miller Fabrics, but I like Japanese Prints and Tina Givens as well.

  39. Lara Gastinger

    i really admire alexander henry’s fabrics and now that i have a sewing machine, i am ready!

  40. Helen

    They are all so wonderful! If I had to choose I would say Erin Mc Morris is my favorite.

  41. Kristen

    I’d say it’s a tie between Joel Dewberry and Heather Bailey! I love their colorful prints :)

  42. tiffanykapri

    Anna Maria Horner is my favorite fabric desginer on NoeK! I would love to win these prints!!!

  43. kate clarke

    Erm..erm…It’s a tough one but my favourite has got to be Tas-ka followed by Robert Kaufmann as a close second!

  44. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    My favorite is Alexander Henry. His prints are so playful and fun!

  45. Katie

    What a wonderful pile! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one :). I really like the Robert Kaufman selection, but everything in the shop is fantastic…love those Japanese prints as well.

  46. Neda

    My favorities at the moment are Laura Gunn and Tas-ka. Can’t tell wich one is the first.

  47. Judith

    Hmm, hard choice with so many great designers, but my #1 spot would go to Tina Givens, just love those birdies!

  48. Tricia

    So many great designers! I think Anna Maria Horner… tied with Amy Butler.

  49. Laurel Q

    Eek! I have to narrow it down to one??? Oh my. If I have to pick just one, I’m gonna say Alexander Henry. Final answer.

  50. elizabeth hake

    love the japanese prints, joel dewberry, and robert kaufman!

  51. MzTallulah

    I simply LOVE Anna Maria Horner’s fabric, and I’m glad to see that NoeK also has the oilcloth, which is not easy to find!

  52. ElaMela

    Robert Kaufman is my absolute favorite designer at the moment!

  53. Ashley

    So beautiful! It’s hard to choose, but I have to go with the Echino, which burst with color and simplicity…

  54. renee

    Hello over there

    Coming from Holland I am already familiar with Noeks fabulous fabrics. I especially love the pink dots and dark birds. The contrast is wonderfull. Hope to win. Love Renee

  55. Andrea

    Beautiful! My favorite on the website is the Japanese prints, especially Bird Garlands in Mustard – hoping those birds come flying back north sometime soon…

  56. Kate Bruning

    I am an Anna Marie Horner girl I have to admit. In fact, if I had goat-like teeth I would eat her fabric if I could. Because my teeth are human-like, I have to make do with sewing it instead.

  57. Jen P.

    These designers are some of my favorites so it’s hard to choose, but I’d say Heather Bailey. I love every fabric she has made!

  58. Lisa

    That’s a tough one. I’m a big Anna Maria Horner fan but those Japanese Prints have me swooning.

  59. Casey

    Tie between Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler… leaning towards Joel today though!

    Those Japanese prints are also lovely.

  60. Julie R

    Oh goodness, the sewing ideas running around in my head right now…I love the Japanese prints, Kaufman and Givens. SO lovely. :)

  61. Carrie Griffith

    AMY BUTLER!!! I love her fabrics and have already used her fabric for quite a few projects. Her books and website are amazing too!

  62. Beth Manalo-LaManna

    Tina Givens is my personal favorite – I can’t resist those birds!

  63. Kim

    Oh I love Sandy Sandersons apples! And Anna Maria Horner has some great designs too! Let’s not forget the japanese fabrics….oh so many choises!

  64. Ricardo

    Tula Pink does it for me! First of all, I love her name, and her designs are great!

  65. bess

    can’t decide between sandi henderson and heather bailey!! and those vespa’s are to die for! :)!

  66. Malia

    I love love love Tina Givens, especially Sillhouette wtih those sweet little birds. All of the NoeKs fabric scream either quilt or apron to me… makes me so excited!! xo

  67. Annette

    OOOh…..what a prize.
    I adore so many…but anna maria horner makes me smile!

  68. Christina Mangawang

    I love Alexander Henry and also the Japanese fabrics.

  69. Jeanine

    I love Tas-ka; typically dutch, although difficult to explain what typically Dutch is! Maybe to use common things/impressions in a total different way. I mean, who thinks of printing some sort of a roadmap on fabric! Brilliant!

    Oh, and love all of NoeKs ribbons as well. Using ribbons is simple, but makes everything unique and your own.

  70. veronica

    wow, I love the pattern from ANNA MARIA HORNER; buttoned up pomogrannte

    what a funny name! and vibrant colors, es, this one I like the best!

  71. Alexandra

    Personally, I like Alexander Henry (no, not for his first name ;-)) best, than Robert Kaufmann… But the others are great, too…

  72. Angelique

    Sandi Hendersson is my absolute favorite, but that’s really because I’m so in love with apple fabrics. You just can’t go wrong with apples and these fabrics are soooooo fine

  73. Colleen

    Thank you for this opportunity! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I love the Tas-ka choices and the Japanese designers.

  74. Janelle

    Today I like Anna Maria Horner the best, but the Japanese fabric is wonderful too!

  75. Joy

    If I could only pick one, it would have to be Alexander Henry…

  76. Dee

    they’re all so delicious but I heart the Jenean Morrison – Santa Barbara Blue the best! ~

  77. noa .d.

    this is a very hard question… I think Tina Givens though Amy Butler is always in my heart :)

    thank you for the chance to win!

  78. Rita

    I love the Tina Givens, Laura Gun and the Japanese print designs.

  79. maile

    i like amy butler and robert kaufman, but i’m partial to alexander henry’s “chinese dolls.”

  80. angela

    All of the designers are brilliant, but Erin McMorris is my favorite!

  81. anne

    That is a really hard question to answer! I love Erin McMoris – I just made a little backpack with one of her prints not knowing who the designer was! I REALLY hope I win this time!!!!! thank you so much for these giveaways :)

  82. Marianne

    I love Japanese Prints and Joel Dewberry! Great giveaway!

  83. Natalie

    I love those colourful Sandy Henderson prints, and I love all of the gorgeous ribbon designs!

  84. Natalie

    Tina Givens is definitely my favorite. Love her use of cool colors as well as the sweet little birds. :)

  85. norma marchand

    I love the prints of sara henderson, they remind me of a cross between naive art and marameko designs.

  86. Crystal Allen

    I am such a huge fabric junkie so you have no idea what a HUGE treat this would be for me. I own fabrics from many of the designers in her collection.

    I love the Japanese Designers… The Russian Dolls Fabrics is one of my favorites.

    I would have to say my favorite designer is Alexander Henry. I love the China Dolls Fabric (I have it in black) and have had my eye on the owls and mushrooms for awhile.

  87. vania

    there are so many great designers for sale on this site! but i love Joel Dewberry, esp. his green antler print!

  88. Dellie

    Joel Dewberry – I love almost all of the designs.

    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  89. Zime

    Oh so great!!! I love Robert Kaufman, Japanese Prints and Erin Mc Morris!
    Thank you!!

  90. kelly

    I am going through a big Anna Maria Horner phase, she’s gotta be my fav…for now! -kb

  91. Carolyn

    It’s pretty hard to choose just one favorite, but I’ll say Tina Givens. The birds are so sweet.

  92. JJ

    Love Alexander Henry and the Japanese prints! SO want to win that bundle of awesome!!

  93. Melissa S

    I’m loving the colours in Jenean Morrison’s fabrics!

  94. Tanya

    I’m in love with Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics. They are perfectly balanced between cute and modern graphic.

  95. Michelle Tonissen

    Eenee meenee miney moe … Amy Butler is my favorite, although I like them all!

  96. Catarina

    I like Anna Maria Horner’s collection the best.

    Thanks for the hard work and a super blog, I love it.

  97. Rebecca

    Such a wonderful selection, I like Erin McMorris, Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler.

  98. ayelet(nishale)

    I LOVE Tina givens designs

    but I must say its hard to pick one designer.
    I akso have some fabric designs of mine and being one of the designers list is a big dream of mine

  99. Beth

    I’d have to say Joel Dewberry–I love the way he combines the spicy red with that particularly nice blue.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I’m sure I would stretch beyond my usual comfort zone with a rich bag of fabrics from this shop.

  100. Flavia

    I like them all! But I have a soft spot for Japanese prints, and
    I can’t stop collecting fabric remnants..

  101. Anja

    Hmmm, das ist wirklich schwierig, da alles Desings soooo schön und frühlingshaft sind, schwärm, aber mein Favorit ist
    Sandi Hendersson mit den Äpfel, lecker.

  102. Katherine

    Tula Pink. What wonderful projects I could do with a bit of Tula Pink.

  103. Natalie Arndt

    My favourite designer is Amy Butler, by far….. but some designs from Alexander Henry are great as well….. Greets, Natalie

  104. Kasper

    I like the work of Erin Mc Morris and the japanese prints (by various designers I guess), greetings from Amsterdam!

  105. Lorie Ferguson

    I love the color schemes of Robert Kaufman. He would have to be my favorite.

  106. Kathy

    I love Tina Givens’ birds and, of course, who doesn’t love Amy Butler, but those owls of Alexander Henry are fabulous, too!

  107. Billie

    It’s hard to choose one favorite! But we love the zebra on the Japanese prints selections.

  108. Pattij

    I love the Japanese prints. But it’s all beautiful fabric!

  109. tine

    i love amy butler. still fabulous!!
    oh, my kids would love these fabrics and me too:O)))

  110. Meta Coleman

    I really love all of them, but if I have to chose I would say Tas-ka. I’ve been huge admirer of theirs for a long time.

  111. susana

    My favorite is (as always) Anna Maria Horner. Although I really like their selection of Tina Givens, and of course Amy Butler, and the Japanese fabrics, and, and, and…
    Thanks for the chance, and the eyecandy!

  112. michal motei

    i like Jenean Morrison the best. great colours and pattern

  113. Giovanna

    I would have to say that Anna Maria Horner is my favorite.

  114. Kathryn H.

    I like the Tina Givens collection best, but they’re all beautiful!

  115. Tonya

    I also have been admiring the Anna Marie Horner new flannel fabrics lately.
    Thank you.

  116. Lisa

    I would love to use these for part of the patchwork quilt i am manking for my little girl! thanks. l.

  117. Ann

    Too many of my favourites to name only one – Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Tina Givens and the diversity of Michael Miller

  118. Jannette

    I do like the Joel Dewberry fabrics, a lot. But is is a very hard choice!!!

  119. Tracy Nors

    Hard to choose but, love Circle and Stems by Erin Mc Morris and Antler Damask by Joel Dewberry.
    Thanks for the introduction, there’s some great fabric on that site.

  120. Samantha (-:

    Your shop is absolutely lovely; I love your taste in fabrics and as far as MY favourite,, I have always been partial to Amy Butler but I am liking Robert Kaufman & Tina Givens too..They are all awesome though. I can hardly wait to get sewing!

  121. Leslie

    I have used Robert Kaufman and Amy BUtler before but I also like the Japanese fabrics too.

  122. Lesley

    I think Tina Givens has wonderful fabric. I am in the process of building up a stash for a quilt for my baby daughter. These prints would be lovely additions. Thank you for the opportunity!

  123. Sarah Griffin

    I love the Robert Kaufman prints–they’re more modern than the fabrics I’ve worked with recently and would make some fun projects.

  124. tara

    Tina Givens prints how do I love thee…..

    Crossing Fingers!!

  125. Jane Robinson

    Well, I’m a echino (Japanese prints) fan for sure but those Alexander Henry Owls are pretty fantastic!!!

  126. Milly

    My favorites are Robert Kaufman and the japanese prints. But then again they are all so nice !

  127. Melissa


    Lovely, lovely!!
    It’s really a toss up.
    Robert Kaufman is always a favorite of mine, but someone new to me is Tina Givens and I love her earthy feeling birds.
    Owls are also a favorite of mine…
    way too many great ones to choose just one 😉
    but… if i were forced on an island with just one print/piece of fabric – it would have to be
    In to the Wild -by Etsuko Furuya.

  128. Colleen

    ‘Hoo, Hoo, Hoo’
    For me and my grandson it is Alexander Henry.
    We love his owl pattern.
    So ‘Hoo, Hoo, Hoo?’
    I hope ‘me, me, me!’

  129. Carmen Frieling

    The whole site makes me happy. Thank you so much for the link. I have been searching long time for a nice fabric site. Now I have found it.

    My favourite designer:
    Sandi Hendersson

  130. joanna

    Alexander Henry and the Japanese prints are super cute… these would certainly be put to good use!

  131. mery.d

    lovely fabrics! my faves are japanese printings, laura gunn, tina givens (couldn’t resolve to pick just one)

  132. M

    I like the Japanese fabrics best but if I have to mention one designer it would be Sandi Henderson.

  133. c

    i can’t possibly choose, but there’s a special place in my heart for sandi hendersson’s apple print.

  134. Margie

    Oh my, what a great collection she has. My favorite is Tas-ka, probably because it’s the first time I’ve seen this fabric!

  135. heleen

    Wat zijn dat toch een super stoffen allemaal! Anna Maria Horner is mijn nummer 1 (leuk blog heeft ze ook) en de rest op nummer 2. Moeilijk kiezen hoor!

  136. Niek

    I really like Amy Butler, Alexander Henry and Tina Givens. And the others toot. It’s hard to choose!

  137. Karin

    Hard to choose, but it would be Tas-ka ! Once you start looking at the drawings at their fabric you’ll keep on looking :)

  138. Robyn

    I love them all, but I especially enjoy Joel Dewberry. Beautiful stuff!

  139. Katja

    My favourite is Tina Givens. I like the small birds. Didn’t know her before.

  140. MARIA

    I love Alexander Henry and Anna Maria Horner!!! I love your blog also!

  141. Lysa Vander Wal

    Love the Alexander Henry and Joel Dewberry prints! They are all so unique=)

  142. katepickle

    I’m a big Heather Bailey fan but I keep going back to the Japanese prints of the little vespas… they are ace!

  143. Alissa

    I like the Erin McMorris, particularly the gray and lime fabrics.

  144. Astrid

    LOVE the Erin Mc Morris designs !! ( I would love my sister to quilt me a cushion with those!)

  145. Karlijn

    I lovelovelove the Japanese prints, especially the ones with the vespa’s on them. My little boy (4 going on 5) loves them too!

  146. Patricia Vidal

    i love Japanese Prints!!!
    thank you!

  147. selina

    It was hard to pick a favorite. I love the Japanese prints as well as the color combos in Anna Maria Horner’s collection!

  148. Gordana

    hmm…i think japanes prints are no.1, flowers and birds. than tas-ka, becouse very very interesting motives :)

  149. inge

    It is very difficult to choose one of these fabulous fabric designers. I really love them all but I think that Erin Mc Morris is my favourite, (specially for the funny pebblesfabric).

  150. anne

    Merci merci de Paris !!! I didn’t find what I was looking for here, not even in Le Marché Saint Pierre ! You give me so many ideas that I’m in the starting blocks to order all the store ! But how can I choose as each fabric is so cute…Robert Kaufman may be…Thanks again for the link !

  151. Florie Bonnet

    It’s been a while that I’ve been wanting to work with fabrics but haven’t yet taken the time. I just love the Jenean Morrison work which I discovered recently, specially that Santa Rosa Blue. So amasing. Making you travel through places like Morocco… Delighful! Sandi Hendersson’s apples are also very attractive. Thanks for posting all those great stuff.

  152. Jannie

    My personal favorite: tas-ka. But I also love the japanese prints, Tina Givens, Sandi Hendersson and more.

  153. meg

    I think Tas-ka’s stuff is adorable I especially love the city blue!!!

  154. Jennifer R.

    I’m loving the Tina Givens bird line. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  155. julie liger-belair

    i love anna maria horner and all the japanese fabrics too!
    i would love to win this one!!

  156. Hayley

    I love Robert Kaufman, especially the corduroy!!
    Erin Mc Morris has really nice prints too!
    Thanks :)

  157. hannah

    I love the Japanese fabrics and Erin Mc Morris’s prints, though there is so much scrummy goodness on Noeks pages, it is very hard to choose at all!

  158. demi

    I love the desighns by ..tas-ka..modern,simple,nice..bold colours!!!

  159. Jozi

    Owwwwwwww, I know NoeKs have all kinds of great fabrics but I just loveLOVEluvvvv the japanese ones.
    I really want that 300 grams package of fab fabs! Pls. pick me ^_^

  160. Karen

    Hello. That apples print of Sandi Henderson’s is wonderful. I also like Joel Dewberry’s designs. Thank you.

  161. Cherie

    Oohh, so many beautiful pieces by so many talented people! I love Heather Bailey’s fabric for its colours and sense of fun.

  162. anja ging

    i really like the art work of Alexander Henry best. it’s so fresh and hippie!!!!!!!!!!
    i would love to sew something out of it. 😉

  163. murmiel

    Hard to choose… I love all of them! But I absolutaly love the funny owls! So I would choose Alexander Henry!

  164. Tricia Z

    I love the fabrics by Tina Givens and Alexander Henry- so cute and the colors are awesome. Thanks!

  165. sonya thorne-zegel

    I love them all, but I do buy a lot of Amy Butler. The super kawii Japanese prints are dear to heart as well.

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