Win a gorgeous BimBim set

What can you win ::
A lovely and handmade "BimBimFamily dots and stripes kit" including 1 softie elephant, 1 bib and 1 pencil box (with 12 colored pencils) from Contemori.

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment below below and suggest which animal should also be part of the BimBimFamily.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday February 3 and notified by email.

Laura also would like to offer all of you who have left a comment a free a mini pouch when buying something from her shop. (just send Laura a message at the time of purchase}

..Contemori shop..
..Laura's blog..

Last Weeks winner from the Noeks giveaway is  :: Janni from ohmy

Bloesem loves comments
  1. ktrn

    I’ve always liked giraffes, they’re so elegant & pretty. So thats the animal that I’d like to see in this cute family!

  2. giovanna

    Hello :)
    I say either a turtle or a baby skunk…..yea they stink but they are pretty cute.

  3. Kosmika

    A PIG!!!! :)
    I’d like to see a family of puffy pigs! 😉
    …and I’d like to win so much… 😀

  4. Allison-Lee

    I don’t know how you could make one out of fabric, but I do think hedgehogs are awfully cute.

  5. susana

    A cat, of course. I love the animals in the shop, the lion especially. And that bearded lady!

    Thanks for the chance.

  6. Ilaria

    I suggest to add a seal! It would be a nice couple (seal+Guastolfo the whale) :-)

    Cross fingers! I love Laura’s creations!

  7. Kalinga

    so beautiful and completely unique! I think a chicken… you don’t see many chickens out there.

  8. Federica

    Hi :)
    Sarebbe carinissimo vedere un pinguino nella bimbimfamily, ma il suggerimento è dettato da un profondo amore per i pinguini 😀


  9. Mairi

    Your creations are wonderful 😀 I’d like to see a unicorn in the bimbifamily, I now it’s a mythological creature but a unicorn in your colourful style sounds great 😀

  10. Silvia&Raffaella

    Here we are! Your creations are great!!! We would like to see a teddy bear!!!! Laura le tue creazioni sono meravigliose e io non mi stancherò mai di ripeterlo!!! Silvia_

  11. pandora

    What do you think of a little monkey?

    I love your “BimBim set”, it’s fantastic!

  12. michimhouse

    eccomiiiii!!! e che non partecipo? anzi, cerco di mettere dei ceri di buon augurio che proprio proprio vorrei vincereeee!!!
    Come animale io adoro i gufi e le pecore! :) sei bravissima!

  13. Marlene

    Oh, no stuffy family is complete without a hippo, of course. So fun to hear the littles say hippopotamus. Or happypitoatoes.

  14. MzTallulah

    Such darling creations! I just love penguins, so I’d like to see that, or a hippo, because they make wonderful huggable softies.

  15. Mary Kay Knight

    Oh it’s so hard to decide…but I think I will go with a monkey!

  16. Lisa

    Sono una tua grande fan e infatti ti volevo già scrivere per sapere se partecipi a qualche mercatino dalle parti di modena/bologna..Quale migliore occasione se non questa?così posso anche dirti che il mio animale preferito è lo struzzo..farebbe un figurone nella BimBimFamily..

  17. francyfancy

    avevo commentato ma non lo vedo piuuu ….

    Cmq a me la tantissimoooooooo piace bimbimfamily! E anche ai miei cuccioli

  18. Caroline

    I love this work ! It is gorgeous ! I’d like to see a camel join the family.

  19. Amy

    Gosh, so many animals to choose from. My daughter would choose a tortoise as that is the name of her class at school, but then she likes all animals! I would choose a cat and I think Anoushka(my feline friend)would agree..meow!

  20. Pinar G.

    a giraffe! love their colorful fabrics.

    and thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Sara Pacciarella

    I have just bought “Romeo” the owl and cannot wait to see it!
    Couldn’t miss the chance to win another member of the BimBim Family! Love it!
    I would really love to see a Koala as new member. It has a symbolic meaning to me and I’m pretty sure I’d buy one :-)
    Good luck to me and to all!

  22. barbara

    Ciao partecipo volentieri al tuo candy che bel premio vado subito a linkarti nel mio blog!!

  23. barbara

    nice! I can see my granddaughter that drives the “bimbielefantino” with his bib around his neck and sits with satisfaction to color with crayons!! maybe!! well, ‘…. I must say that I have never been lucky with competitions …. but these things are so beautiful that I could not resist! Congratulations

  24. inge

    I think a rabbit would be very nice. A rabbit with long ears (very easy for the little kids to take it with them). Or a cat, that’s always the favourite of my daughters!

  25. Sarah Dyer

    I love giraffes! This is such a great giveaway I love the fabrics!

  26. elizabeth

    I second the seal – with a little ball to bounce around with its nose!

  27. kristy

    manatees they are the best most wondeful creatures. so gentle and sweet

  28. Cri

    My family is going to grow, too (we are looking forward to seeing our Carlotta and I am a little bit afraid …) These days I think oft about my childhood. I loved my softy seal over all. That’s will be a perfect addiction to your lovely BimBimFamily!

  29. paola

    Laura un unicorno!! forse è piu’ mito che animale ma anche un po’ animale!! Laura supercomplimenti questo è uno dei miei blog preferiti!!

  30. Cher

    Wow, I think this is the cutest thing I have ever seen on here…

  31. carmel

    great work!!
    ilove your shop!!
    i think a whale would be great! even thogh its your logo.
    a sea hosre, cat, beaver, snail and hamster

  32. Alissa

    Hedgehogs are always cute, and would fit well with the elephant and the lion, the way they have extra fabric for their ears/mane. You could do the same thing for the hedgehog’s spikes. (Or a stegasaurus, for that matter, but I wasn’t sure if extinct animals were allowed.)

  33. Lilly

    I love Laura’s creations! I think that one cute animal of the BimBimFamily should be a giraffe :)

  34. ashley

    ohh a giraffe without a doubt. my favorite! love this cute stuff.

  35. Sarah

    I just have to say I ADORE the bearded lady. She is just fabulous and I may have to buy her for … well me. Next creature to make – I would love to see a Tasmanian Devil done in glorious CONTEMORI style. That would be something to behold.

  36. sacha

    I would like to see a turtle- or maybe a bat (my little boy loves bats).

  37. anne

    well my little girl loves pigs! all their products are so beautiful – bright and happy :)

  38. Jaimie

    These are so nice. I have a soft spot for the lowly sloth, and he’s so seldom created in plush form :).

  39. Beth

    How about chickens? They are ever so cheery, both in person and in polka dots.


  40. Andrea

    Beautiful work. . . I am joining the giraffe fans, elegant but cuddly!

  41. Bea

    É tutto bellisimo! Sarebbe bello un delfino, mi piacono tanto…
    Baci e grazie!

  42. Girl on the Moon

    For me a hippo or a duck would be a lovely new family member.

  43. Florinda

    Come non partecipare deliziosi questi oggetti, non so se fà già parte della famiglia,le mie figlie adorano orche e delfini

  44. tartankiwi

    How about a giraffe? I’m sure it would turn out amazing!

  45. Donnaraita

    Ehilaaaaa….. come posso perdermi una bim bim family meravigliosa come questa?????? Incrocio le dita…. adorabiliiiiiiii.

  46. Laura

    Sono bellissime le cose che fai!!! °Posso partecipare? Non sono bravissima con l’inglese ma credo di aver capito che vorresti un suggerimento per un altro animaletto, bè non so se ci sono già ma qualche scimmietta sarebbe carina!

  47. Virginie

    A snake? It sounds like my little nephew contaminated me !

  48. Rebecca

    Such gorgeous fabrics. I would love to see a giraffe join the family :)

  49. Cat

    I think a pony would be wonderful. Every child loves a pony!
    Good luck, everybody!

  50. Elisa

    Super Laura internazionale!!!
    Come posso non partecipare…=o))
    Suggerirei un orsacchiotto o una paperotta…

    International Super Laura!!
    How could I miss it…=o)
    I suggest a teddy bear or a duck…

  51. JJ

    Love these! Maybe an anteater? We saw one of these at the zoo yesterday and they are fun!!

  52. regina kirk

    So adorable!! I personally love hippos and would think the hippo would be a fine addition!

  53. Julie R

    Too cute! Love the stuffed animals. I’d love to see a whale added to the mix…

  54. Lisa

    pick me please. i need some new coloured pencils to inspire! i love the bright colours. l.

  55. Joy

    I am partial to hedgehogs and camels, so I’d vote for one of those.

  56. Milena

    Bellissimo giveaway! Complimenti! ..come del resto tuttta la tua BimBimFamily: è davvero stupenda! A completare il gruppo vedrei un bel panda.. sono animali così carini con i loro occhi neri!

  57. Brooke

    omg I LOVE the owl you have in the shop, so cute!
    Hrmm I think a fox would be a cute addition :)

  58. UnaZebrApois

    When I saw your creations..and understood I could win (hope so…!!!!) this awesome and so gorgeus set I tought (and probably I also screamed all over my home!!!)…me me me me…please me!!!

    I love all kind of animals…expecially bimbim animals!No one would be lesser than extraordinary!!!But…my blog is “unazebrapois” so…I vote for the ZEBRA to enter in this wonderfull family!!thank you for this amazing opportunity

  59. enikő

    Ci vedrei volentieri un bel ippopotamo cicciotto o una giraffa con il collo lungo lungo… :)

  60. Chiara

    Stupendo come tutte le tue creazioni (il portapastelli è un sogno!!!!) … io nella bimbim family vedrei bene un grillo!!!!

  61. Murielle

    Very lovely giveaway!
    I Love the pencil box!
    What about a giraffe? My surname is “girafone” and we call my baby “girafon”… :o)

  62. caroline

    the bimbim family is divine- the lion is especially lovely. As for a new animal- we are big fans of squirrels in this house x

  63. ilaria

    disegno libri per bambini dalla mattina alla sera, e specialmente adesso ne sto facendo uno strapieno di ogni possibile razza di animale:)perciò propongo qualche animale un pò più strano, ehehe:)
    allora io voto per il lemure e il fennec( volpe australiana con orecchie giganti)e per rimanere sul classico, voto il coniglio!ma
    diciamo pure che la mia preferenza va al lemure:D

  64. sophia

    ooo, you MUST have a whale in the collection..a whale with polka dots to be exact! :) super cute…love the shope

  65. Jen

    I would also love to see you add a rhino! Great plushies! I especially love the turtle!

  66. Andrea

    Maybe a koala, they are so cute.

    Hope I win!
    Thank You,

  67. demi

    you need a cute doggy!!! dogs are a mans bestfriend after all!!! too cute.

  68. Kate

    I like griselda the giraffe, but how about a hedgehog? I like hedgehogs for some reason…..

  69. babbaluci

    Why not add a “babbaluci”??
    In sicilian dialect “babbaluci” means snail and it refers to the bright wake left by it on walls and floors.
    Great job!!

  70. lucia

    why not a ‘babbaluci’?
    in sicilian dialect babbaluci means snail and it refers to the bright wake leaved by it on walls and floors.
    great job!!

  71. Tami

    Oooh! An owl would be adorable! Second choice is definitely a pig.

  72. barbara

    a kangaroo.
    it could keep so many things in its pouch.


  73. Ork'Idea Atelier

    My preferite animal when I started drawing around 6-8 years-old was a… bradipo. Still now it inspires me a great tenderness.

  74. Colleen

    What wonderful vivid colours. I would like to introduce the lorikeet to the Bim Bim family.

  75. Focipresley (Bon)

    Laura, your products are super sweet. I love them! How about a peacock? It seems the fun fabrics you use would be perfect for creating the colourful peacock! Cheers!

  76. Vera

    ma che meraviglia, complimenti per i tuoi capolavori! I miei bimbi mi suggeriscono un COCCOFANTE oppure uno ZEDRILLO!!!! ciao ciao Vera Lorenzo Linda

  77. fiore

    spero di farcela uno Partecipare caramelle al blog. Le stoffe sono carinissime

  78. Sara Pacciarella

    I thought I already commented :-(
    What a lovely giveway, cannot miss it! and I would love to see a Koala in the family. This animal has a great meaning to me!
    Kiss with finger crossed.

  79. anna

    Che meraviglia questo set. Io vorrei vedere un polipo o una stella marina

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