Happy Birthday Kiet

Kiet Irenekiet 

My youngest boy is 1  … last Friday my baby turned 1, no longer a baby actually, quite a big guy and walking around, just love is wobbly walk… such a special day, I feel so lucky with my two beautiful sons, a wonderful husband and very thankful for a pretty nice life…:)… I try to live life to the fullest, enjoying each moment, and birthdays play an important part in this for me, not so much throwing big parties but rather standing still and cherish the moment of yet another year gone by…so we celebrated BIG time with small group…Lode, our eldest, my husband and myself, we ate chocolate cake, sang songs, gave presents… it is funny, little Kiet has already had a big influence on our otherwise quite hectic household, he brings us joy, calmness and just makes you smile!


Of course I looked back on the day he was born, he was one month early, and how worried I was about his health, not to mention that he somehow had managed to wrap the umbilical cord around his neck multiple times, his tiny body, his low weight, only 2,2 kg (although if you see him now it is hard to believe he was ever that small…),  and my mom who arrived the day he was born, a tremendous help, and all the good things that have happened since… Kiet is roaming around the house, climbs on anything that gets in his way… and what is great to see for a mom, he is the biggest fan of his brother Lode… so as you will have noticed, an emotional day or two for me…, dear Kiet, I love you very much and perhaps in 15 years time you will read this online message somewhere in the world and once again know how much this proud mom loves you (by then likely very wrinkled mom…)

..thanks Sarah for the image and Khali for the letters..

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  1. sharon

    happy birthday kiet….i hope you all had the loveliest of days, and i just love the photo of you both


  2. maya

    Happy Birthday, Kiet! What a lucky little boy… sounds like a very special day!

  3. Julie

    Nog gefeliciteerd Irene! Wat een mooie tekst ook, ik ben heel blij met je tour!! :-))

  4. Karen

    Happy first Birthday Kiet!
    And to you Irene congratulations on having such a beautiful family and for living life to the full :)

  5. kerstin

    Congratulations, all the best to little Kiet and his family! Reading about you and your little family, dear Irene, make me feel so positive. It is possible to “live life to the full” after all! Thank you, have a nice day…

  6. se7en

    Oh Big Happy Birthday, just yesterday he was born!!! I think first birthdays should be for moms… just to reflect at the awe of one whole year… and all that happens in that one year in their total life!!! Congratulations to you both!!!

  7. Annemieke

    Thanks for sharing these words, I’ve been reading your blog for years now and It’s really nice to read this personal touch.. congrats to you all!

  8. Laura

    I had to take a double take at Kiet’s newborn pictures…he looks exactly like my son Jaxon! So precious then and now!

  9. maureen

    Congratulations Kiet!
    I hope you have had a wonderful day!
    1 year = so special


  10. Av

    I’ve a son who will turn 1 in May and am having all sorts of emotions and thoughts. What a wonderful year it has been. Not only my baby grew – I grew too. I’m sure that you must be going through the same process and thoughts.

    So a warm wish to Kiet’s mummy and a great birthday to the young man.

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