Win a pair of Bailey Trousers for your girl


What can you win ::  this super stylish Bailey Trouser from Ses Petites Mains…available sizes 2t8. 

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment below below letting us know which style you appreciate most from the new spring 2010 collection.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday March 10 and notified by email.

The lovely Beth from Ses Petites Mains also would like to offer all the B:Kids readers a discount code for 15% off all Apparel :: use ‘bkkids’ to redeem discount when shopping.  

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Bloesem loves comments
  1. KMed

    I do love a well made pair of trousers for my girl! Ses Petit Mains does dresses beautifully, too – I really like the unfussiness of the Betty shirtwaist. Great collection!

  2. Amy

    I absolutely love the poppy print shirt…and the trousers are lovely especially for my daughter as she has very dry skin which needs to breathe in natural fabrics..and they would go with the pretty gingham hairclips I am making at the moment too si real bonus!!

  3. j

    wow, I have to pick my favorite. they are all adorable but I also love the poppy print.

  4. chelsea

    oh my, it’s like choosing who i love more- my mom or dad?! well, everything in that poppy print has got me smiling, but that fey top is so adorable!!

  5. Lindsay

    Gorgeous stuff! All of it. But I keep coming back to the Annalisa dress in poppy flower. Just perfect!

  6. Anneke

    Did you see Rose’s twirly dress? Back when I still had ‘little hands’ I twirled and twirled until I fell on the grass dizzy. Didn’t you all?

  7. elizabeth

    LOVE the delilah dress – that cloud stripe voile is so sweet!

  8. guro gaustad anderssen

    Oh, it’s so hard to pick one! Thank you for showing us this beautiful shop!

    The poppy fabric was fun and sweet and full of life, but I loved the cuteness of the Delilah dress as well!

    I would love to win anything from this shop to my daughter! 😉

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. flora

    Everything in the collection is lovely, but the poppy shell shirt is my fave!

  10. Wendy

    I love the Bailey pants with the Kat Surplice top…so pretty!
    What beautiful clothes…

  11. SusanW

    Oh I wish these came in grown up sizes. I love the poppy print most.

  12. Caterine

    I’m a big fan of Ses Petites Mains style and design and although I think the poppy print is gorgeous, I love their signature dress Rose in mae denim.

    I adore and want the shoes as well!!

  13. Jessica

    LOVE it all! Especially the Fey Top and Firefly Clam Diggers. Can’t wait for summer!

  14. Laura B.

    Picking a favorite is exceptionally difficult because the clothes are all exquisite, but I love the greta in tissue silk. Thank you for the discount!

  15. sibora

    So difficult to choose. I actually think that the Kat surplice in posie knit and the bailey pant featured here is my favorite outfit of the bunch, but if I had to pick something outside of that I think it would be the Hope Shell in lolli flower with the firefly clam digger in mae denim. And I also wish that these came in adult sizes, because they are adorable.

  16. Tonia

    Oh the Vivienne Shell makes me swoon! I also love these pants; so would my little 4 year old!!

  17. anne

    I love the betty shirtwaist! All of them are so lovely and I would LOVE a pair of these pants for my little girl!

  18. Jill D.

    The Hope shell, the capri, and the Bailey pant are my favorites!

  19. Amanda K

    Wow! It’s all beautiful, but I must say that the dresses are my favorite – I can’t narrow it down to one!

  20. Focipresley (Bon)

    I’d like to be a child again just so I can wear ses petites mains clothing! Jeepers, I love Delilah dress. Precious.

  21. Shannon H.

    My daughter would look amazing in the betty shirtwaist dress. That is so adorable. And those pants, oh my, just too cute!

  22. Danzel B.

    The trousers are great, but I’m in love with the dresses, especially the prints. And the penny top is too cute!

  23. Analese

    The Annalisa dress has such a cute print and fit! Plus it is almost named after me :)

  24. robyn clifford

    ooo, the lotta dress! it looks a little like a ballerina costume, and my daughter LOVES ballet!

  25. Amy

    Love it all. The pants are so cute, but I also love the Delilah dress. So cute.

  26. Kirsten

    Great collection, wonderful fabric selection. It is hard to pick one favorite, but I am loving the Kat surplice top! thanks!!

  27. Lesley

    How lovely! I can just picture my little girl running around in those trousers. Thank you for the opportunity.

  28. tammy

    the hope shell in poppy flower is my fav with the capris, but the Betty shirtwaist is a close second. What a beautiful collection. My 2yo would look so darn cute in any of it. what fun.

  29. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    My favorite is the Molly shirtwaist in the lolli flower.

  30. Catherine

    I also love the Delilah dress–the cloud stripe voile looks so lovely!

  31. julie liger-belair

    i love the annalisa dress with that beautiful poppy fabric!

  32. amy t.

    love love love the hope shell in poppy and those seersucker zuma capris. delish!

  33. Cee

    I love the Amaryllis Dress in the Poppy Print. So pretty!

  34. becky

    i love the seersucker shirtwaist dress. so adorable!

  35. sandra s

    Such a lovely collection! The fey top + firefly clam diggers = the perfect summer outfit

  36. Magdalena

    Vivienne shell is my favorite – I could wear it myself!

  37. Julie from World of Julie

    Oh my goodness, SO CUTE. I love all the dresses, especially the Amaryllis dress, but it’s the HOPE SHELL I can’t get enough of. I have two boys and a girl, and she just wants to be rough and tumble like her brothers, but girly too, and something like a pretty little top that can be worn with jeans is just so perfect.

  38. Renee

    LOVE the Hope Shell in Poppy!!! Oh my little girl would look so cute :)

  39. Melissa Nunley

    The Deliliah dress in cloud is beautiful :)

  40. Carol

    OK Simple….EVERYTHING!!! Lovely work well done!!

  41. katrina

    The annalisa dress in poppy is my favorite…it reminds me of what my daughter loves to wear. Classic & pretty, with an interesting print.

  42. Eve

    I would die over my daughter in those trousers. Or the Annalisa dress – pretty!

  43. kailey

    I love everything!! But if I had to pick, that outfit with the trousers and surplice top is my fav. Thanks!

  44. Emma

    Oh my, those are so cool, I want a pair for myself!! My girls would look great in them.

  45. elissa

    the hope shell in that gorgeous poppy print paired with the zuma capri is my favorite .. when are adult sizes going to be issued ?

  46. Kati

    oh my, all of it! but especially the delilah dress and the zuma capris. can i have these in my size too? :)

  47. Courtney

    I adore everything in that collection – the dresses are dreamy! I think my favorite is the Gertrude dress.

  48. Julie R

    GORgeous clothing! Which piece do I NOT love is the question… the Annalisa dress is fabulous. And these trousers are adorable…wish they were in my size. :)

  49. Michele Hill

    what lovely clothes thanks for letting me find them. All gorgeous but the annalisa dress in poppy print would have to be my pick. Perfect party dress for am (almost) 5 year old to twirl in

  50. Allison

    The greta dress is so sweet for a little girl. Also love the signature rose dress. So perfect for twirling it!

  51. Marcie

    I appreciate that these are clothes I want to wear! They are feminine and well made without being overstated and frilly. Ahhh. Practical and pretty!

  52. Pauper

    I just love those pants!! So simple and gorgeous, I would just love a pair for my little girl. What a lovely shop–so many nice things to choose from! Love those pants, but the Molly shirtwaist would be a close second favourite :)

  53. sacha

    My little girl won’t have anything to do with dresses and she “hates kirts mama!” So, for her, the trousers could not be more perfect (and for her mama, they might look nice with her pink embroidered motorcycle tee:)).

  54. Shauna

    I don’t know why, but I am a sucker for the red, white, and blue combo. Love the poppy!

  55. margaret

    love it all, but mostly the firefly clam digger in cabana stripe, so sweet.

  56. Irene Teo

    My fave is the Delilah dress…sweet and delightful, looks perfect for kiddie play or party in sunny Singapore!

  57. Meg T

    The Greta Dress is oh so sweet. What beautiful pieces! Thank you.

  58. christy davis

    I am lovin’ these clothes! I am so excited to find them. I think the Analisa dress is amongst my favorite. Thanks so much!

  59. Eleni

    I hav to say that I have a weak spot for the featured giveaway, the bailey trouser in light linen. They are just beautiful!

  60. kristen m.

    Oh my. Beautiful clothing.

    I absolutely love the shirtwaist dress. So cute!

  61. Jodie

    Very gorgeous collection! I love the Kat surplice top with the trousers but my favourite would have to be the Greta dress in spring soie

  62. Ana

    I love it all, but my favorites are the Annalisa in poppy and the Greta.

  63. Diana

    How do you choose? They are all wonderful. Love all the dresses, but can’t go past the bailey pants outfit for practicality and style for a very active 4 year old.
    Diana Mercuri

  64. Tanya

    Poppy print is my favourite – though I adore them all!

  65. Sara

    I’d LOVE to see some fat little arms poking out of the Betty shirtwaist. :-) I adore the slightly retro feel of this line!

  66. Fiona Edwards

    I’d have to say the Delilah Dress. My daughter would look beautiful in that!

  67. Margo

    Those trousers are super cute. I’d love a pair for my girlie (or myself!) Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. kim

    beautiful clothes. I like the Molly Shirtwaist in lolli flower. oh springtime!

  69. Julie Henderson

    i like the delilah style dress best from the new spring collection – very pretty and stylish

  70. Raegan

    What a unique and beautiful collection…I absolutely love the Bailey Pant in light linen (I think I would wear them!!) And for a party dress would have to say the Greta dress…love it!

  71. Tavianna

    Oh, what’s not to love! Do I have to pick just one favorite? OK how about the annalisa dress in poppy flower or maybe the mae denim classic or maybe… I just love ses petites mains!

  72. Carrie Chilton

    I wish I dressed as well as these girls. Goodness. I am loving those pants. I also especially love the annalisa dress in poppy flower. That print is darling.

  73. Blythe Rotem

    The poppy fabric is just so sunny and sweet, love it!

  74. Judy Ashby

    I love the Bailey Pant and the Delilah Dress. Divine.


    I really like the annalisa dress!
    my daughter would look the bees knees

  76. Paul Marshall

    The Vivienne shell is the cutest item of clothing in the collection.

  77. ggjacks

    j’adore le ‘greta in tissue silk’

  78. linda wiles

    The Delilah dress is just so girly, lovely!

  79. Ruth Worthington

    I love the Deliah dress my little Daisy would look beautiful !

  80. Brenna Vaughan

    Wow, what a great line! I love all of it :) I must say my absolute favorite is the Kat Surplice in Posie Knit with the darling Bailey Pant in Light Linen. Such a fresh spring look that I could see my four year old looking darling in.

  81. melanie

    Absolutely love the ‘spring soie’ GRETA DRESS. And adore the VIVIENNE SHELL in spring soie – would love to see this worn with the FIREFLY CLAM DIGGERS in pool stripe. Love the colours and patterns. x

  82. Sarah W

    Everything is so wonderful,glad I found you.
    I really adore the Greta dress in spring soie,gorgeous.
    I love the pretty dresses.

  83. katie

    The Hope Shell, the Hope Shell, the Hope Shell. My daughter said “ooooh, I like that!” and so do I. Still hoping for grown up sizes…..

  84. Keri

    I love the baily pant in cabana girl! The clam digger in pool stripe are my second favorite. I think they would look better on my chubby 3 yr old than most shorts thanks to the stripes. Beautiful work.

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