Advice please!

I could really use some advice…the BKids Banner Design contest has brought me so many beautiful entries that I have a very hard time deciding… in the picture are just 3 of the 27 banners to choose from … please let me know which number you like best! Winner will be announced tomorrow on B:Kids.

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  1. Maria

    The third one looks most like a banner and I like the colors. It looks most “finished”.

  2. Sjek

    haha, all those different personal opinions on design, just more to say that this is so peronal. but, having that said: nr 2 my absolute favorite! easiest to read, open, for me most Bloesem like…Nr 1 is nice, arty, interesting, but way to heavy, dark, bloesem not really readable. NR 3 nice to, but again, notthat readibale on screen.
    speak soon!!!!!

  3. Emma

    there is something whimsical and child-like about number 1 which i think is really appealing.
    number 2, is clean and classical and is easily identifiable as part of the “bloesem” family. more brand-like.

  4. Brigitte

    No 1 is the most organic and surprising, yet very legible. That’s my vote, no 1.

  5. Heather Lea

    I’m on board with Number 1 as well! It’s not too dainty or cutesy–it would definitely catch my eye if were not familiar with the site and came across it while blog surfing.

  6. bianca

    #1 all the way! it is the most special. it makes me happy. it is organic and beautiful.

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