Win a poster and Vintage wall cards!


What can you win :: a Compassion Poster and a set of Vintage Animal cards from  Children Inspire Design

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite language is for the compassion posters is and what language you would like to add.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday May 19 and notified by email.

The friendly Rebecca from  Children Inspire Design also would like to offer 20% off coupon, code: CID20 for the entire collection! And if you sign up for the CiD Newsletter you will be the first to be informed about the free downloadable learning charts, which will be offered on their blog starting June 1st.

Last weeks winner from the Little Choopie giveaway is :: Becky S.

..Children Inspire Design..

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Anneke

    It would be too easy for me to vote for Dutch… Hmmm no, Dutch it is! How about a contemporary “aap-noot-Mies” version!

  2. Katie

    The French poster is so lyrical, but they are all lovely. I think Portuguese would be great as well.

  3. allison-lee

    I love the world map poster. I’ve looked at it many times, but have yet to purchase it. :)

  4. allison-lee

    Oh, now I look foolish. I still love the world map poster, but I would choose English for a compassion poster. As for another language, maybe Korean?

  5. MzTallulah

    Sooo cute! My favourite language is Italian, because taht’s my mother tongue; I would add Portuguese because it’s the language of the country where we live.

  6. meninheira

    I love Rebecca’s art and this new poster is so beautiful… :)

    I like in Spanish and I would like to add the portuguesse language :)

    Hugs from Spain

  7. Natalie

    My favorite language for the poster is English. I wouldn’t add any other language, because my second choice would be Chinese, and that’s already an option. I love that these are available in multiple languages!

  8. Jen

    Hi, What beautiful art! I think we will purchase that sweet numbers set for my daughter. Thanks for this beautiful giveaway!

    My favorite language for the compassion poster is Spanish, because my daughter is learning Spanish right now. I’d love to see it in Japanese.

  9. j

    chinese! I love china, the chinese, and chinese writing.

  10. naddie

    thank you for the chance to win! I’d love to have it in english please! (I was torn between french and german >.<)

  11. Sarah Wehkamp

    I love the Hebrew one and I would add Turkish. Thanks!

  12. Catherine

    love the hebrew and the swedish. darling!

  13. tatiane

    I love all of them. Difficult to choose only one language. Would like to see one in my native language: Portuguese.

  14. Jennifer W.

    I love the message, so if I had to pick a language to hang in my house I would choose English. My suggestion for another language to add? Japanese kanji is so visually stunning that might be a good choice!

  15. maike

    Oh zeker de Italiaanse vanwege mijn Italiaanse roots. De taal die ik toe zou willen voegen? Nederlands natuurlijk!

  16. valerie kuan

    thanks for the giveaway! i would love the chinese coz i am trying to teach my little one mandarin.

  17. Heather

    Amharic and Wolof please for me. Oh and Arabic for my little sister.

  18. Emmy

    My favorite is Swedish and I’d like to see Dutch added.

  19. Ricardo

    French is my favorite. Would like to see arabic

  20. Susana

    Love Spanish since I am a bilingual teacher. I would like to add. I would like to see arabic.

  21. Patricia

    Spanish is my favorite. Please add Portuguese.

  22. Manuel

    I like German and Spanish. Please add Swedish.

  23. Alexa

    I like Italian. Would like to learn Portuguese.

  24. MiaV

    I love the English – visually stunning & I Would LOVE to add Afrikaans – a guaranteed bestseller! :)

  25. Het Kabinet

    I would like to add dutch!
    And I can’t decide if I would have to choose between german and english…

  26. Lola

    Of course my favourite is Swedish since my partner comes from Sweden :-) As I think Dutch is a very nice language, I’d add it as a new language.

  27. Sheau

    What lovely design and sweet idea for young mind. My favorite is Spanish. Maybe adding Hindi.

  28. Adrienne

    I would love to have it in spanish as it is a language my partner loves and the alphabet would be a great together thing for him and Bebe. And i would add Maori being a New Zealander.

  29. Beth in Seattle

    Love these posters & cards. My favorite language is Swedish. and I would like to see Finnish.

  30. amy

    I love the compassion poster. What a fantastic thing to have on the wall since my family is multicultural. I love the poster in French.

  31. design wanna-be

    My favorite language is Spanish (since I’m a Spanish teacher) and I’d like to see them add Portuguese. They are great posters-by the way!

  32. Tara

    Spanish is my favorite and I would add Portuguese!

  33. Tara

    love the spanish. would love love love to see japanese.

  34. Beth

    My favorite of the languages offered is Italian; if I were to suggest a language it would be Korean.

  35. Catherine

    My preference is Spanish and I’d like to see the poster in swahili, to add an African language.

  36. antsje

    Nederlands natuurlijk!! Al vind ik de zweedse taal ook prachtig!

    (Dutch ofcourse!! Although I very much like the Swedish language!)

  37. christy davis

    French is my favorite and I would like to see it in Arabic.

  38. sacha

    My favorite language for my family would be Spanish because my little boy goes to a bi-lingual preschool and I would like to work on promoting this dual language in our home. I also take care of an Ethiopian boy- you could add Amharic.

  39. carmel

    i like the one in hebrew- yes im from israel
    i would like to see one in arabic to
    great idea thanks alot

  40. Melissa

    Love these! I like the English and Spanish ones. What about incorporating two languages onto a single poster?

  41. Angelina

    I love the French and would love to see it in Japanese.

  42. hanna

    Love this! I think it would be great for my mom’s classroom, so I’d probably choose English.

  43. Priscilla

    We have just moved to Germany, and these beautiful cards in German would help my two delicious girls in their German language learning.

  44. Gerdien

    What about bilingual? Dutch/English.. This would really help my daughter to learn a second language..

  45. Rebecca

    My husband’s family is from Italy so definately Italian.

  46. meri

    I love the cards in Italian, would love to see greek…Ta

  47. richelle

    my fave is the english version. however, my daughter is half filipino so i’d love to see that in print. it’s such a fast-spoken/difficult language to learn!

  48. Patricia

    I love the Spanish cards the best! I’d love to see a set in Croatian! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  49. leigh ann

    my boy is learning spanish and we are refreshing our skills with him. so, we’d love these cards. sounds like there are lots of good new language suggestions, at a loss for another…

  50. Élin A.

    The Spanish version is fine, but I would love to see the poster in Portuguese. :)

  51. Angela

    I love these. I would pick German, though I would love to see a compassion poster in Arabic.

  52. RMann

    I like the French version but would love to see Mandarin Chinese.

    Thank you!

  53. RMann

    Oops! I just noticed the Chinese version. Love that one too!

  54. Tricia

    I’m so glad to see Hebrew! And why not have some fun and add, say, Estonian!

  55. Marta Schlichting

    Hi, I’m from Brazil and I loved children inspite design. All languages are good when we want to change the world for better…but I’d love to see portuguese, my language.
    Marta Schlichting

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