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I:: Irish is…trying to achieve the most comfortable surroundings, considering the weather outside more than half the time is rain, wind and more rain we try to make our houses a warm and cosy getaway.


R:: room…my favorite room is the kitchen, it’s warm, cosy; the hub of the house. It’s always filled with people, light, smells and atmosphere. It makes the food we eat there that bit tastier


I:: interesting places in my city, Dublin, are… Ely Place is a small Georgian quarter, 40 Foot – where i swim every day, Iveagh Gardens very quiet park in the centre of the city – great escape from busy streets


S:: style means for me…the perfect balance between our personal knick knacks and the functionality of the place that we live in.


G:: gardening for me…is therapy, the very few sunny moments that we get over here I like to spend in my garden making looking out of the windows of my house more enjoyable. 


I:: interesting places in my city Dublin…it's very rare to find an untouched and pure example of the old Georgian architecture. Ely Place is a small Georgian quarter that still has all the things that make old Dublin great.


H:: hobby…I always make time for my early morning swim in the ice cold Irish Sea.


O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is…My raincoat)))


M:: Magazines I love to read are… My top 3, in no particular order are: Wallpaper, ELLE Decoration and Vanity Fair. 


E:: enjoy, I can’t live without my morning routine: the previously mentioned swim and the double espresso that follows it.

……………….Thank You Ekaterina………………

Today we have an Russian architect as our guest who lives and works in Dublin, Ireland…Ekaterina Voronova graduated from the Moscow State Architectural University in 1993 and worked as an architect in Moscow until 1998. Above you can see the images of her own gorgeous home and some are from design projects she has done for other homes…would you like to see them all then click here.{ps. can you believe the images were all taken by Ekatarina's 17 year old son, who is not a professional photographer …yet!}


Most of the pillows and this folk embroidery work are done by a very good friend of Ekaterina who also has an etsy shop right here.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Meg

    Really like these spaces. Clean and fresh…. With a unique mix of influences.
    And very nicely photographed.
    Thank you

  2. Christine

    I love how even all the little nooks and corner spaces are taken advantage of in these images. So lovely!

  3. barefootcloud

    i just love the intellectual simplicity and the purity of the atmosphere.. it make me calm just to see the pictures..

  4. jiah

    What an inspiring home.
    It has just the right mix with it’s neutral background, quality materials, a touch of graphic elements and colours and prints that pop.


  5. Liesl

    This is my favourite Lets Get Personal ever. The kitchen shelves under the stairs! Amazing!

  6. huitr

    thanks so much.It has just the right mix with it’s neutral background, quality materials, a touch of graphic elements and colours and prints that pop

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