Win a crochet cotton pair of necklaces from Fournier

What can you win ::
a gorgeous Crochet Pima Cotton pair of necklaces from Fournier

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from Fournier is.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday July 7 and notified by email.

Last weeks winner from the Lieve giveaway is :: Terra S.

..Fournier blog..

Bloesem loves comments
  1. byPetra

    Hi Irene,

    I love this crocheted necklace, and I definitely wanted to see more. But when I go to the website, I only see the first picture, not a gallery or catalogue or anything where I can see all available products :-(. That’s a pity because this picture makes me wanting to see more :-)

    xx Petra

  2. Lília

    The embroidered bags (blog – 10.26.09 and 03.26.10) are so so beautiful, like the necklace ‘pima cotton silk & pewter'(@facebook). But definitely , my favorites are blossoms (blog – 10.12.09)!

  3. Béa

    I have the same problem than Petra. and that’s so sad as I LOVE the necklace features on BKids…

  4. Jen

    How gorgeous! I too can’t see more or click into their collection, but the red and navy crocheted necklace on the splash page of their collection is beautiful. I love this kind of decorations for kids – no sharp edges, no metal (no lead!) and it teaches them about texture, color, subtle beauty.

  5. amber

    having a hard time viewing their collection, as well. the red dress is really cute, though!

  6. melissa hain

    My daughter is adopted from Central America and I am always searching for handmade items for her that represent the fabulous artistry from those countries. Fournier has such beautiful things but I have to say I absolutely fell in love with the crochet tea set. I would love to know where I could purchase that!!!

  7. paola

    i love everything!!
    but the neckclase is just amazing love how delicate is

  8. sandra

    I love all of your work, but especially the pink, taupe and white necklace you posted about a month ago. Divine!

  9. clarity

    I have the same problem- can’t click past the first page. But I love the necklace on that page!

  10. Sheau

    these are so beautiful. the crocheted necklace is lovely on the site, but can’t seem to see other items there besides their blog. would love to see more of the other necklace. thanks.

  11. Emmy

    I love the Pauline sweater featured on the shop.

  12. Susan O.

    I have a sweet grandbaby who would more than do justice to that necklace. Both are adorable!

  13. Chris

    I Love the hand knitted blankets best, the colour combos are wonderful.
    When I see your photos of them tied with a bow, I can just feel the love with which they are made.

    (I love the colours of the one on the photo here next to the necklace.)

  14. Engracia

    Would love the crochet necklace you have pictured. Can’t get past the front page of the website so don’t know what other products they have.

  15. Diana

    I too cannot view the collection, but love the necklaces in the giveaway and also love her blog which I was able to access.

  16. Sang

    Really lovely items, I love the crochet belts, the little girls linen dress and the navy/ecru necklace & tops. Btw it was pretty tricky trying to view the collections, I finally ended up clicking on the spring/summer tag at the bottom of one of the posts. Do they have a online gallery or store besides the amazon link?

  17. Analisenichelle

    I love Fournier’s multicolored baby alpaca crochet flower necklace neapolotan collection. I love all the colors! All these beautiful things remind me of my time in Bolivia! What a wonderful country!

  18. anne

    I can’t see beyond the first page either, but the necklace you show here is incredibly sweet!

  19. Annika

    I cannot view the side, but the neckles is super sweet.

  20. Bianca

    Beautiful clothes! I looked at her fall line on the blog-I too could not access the spring/summer line through the site. I love all of her accessories-especially her necklaces!

  21. Mitali

    The Baby Alpaca blue ones are sooooo sweet! Love love love

  22. Aubin

    I loved the necklaces and the corduroy bottoms & cotton tops.
    Everything is so beautiful!!

  23. Pattij

    The necklace is beautiful, but can’t figure out how to see the rest!

  24. victoria

    Everything is gorgeous and looks soooo soft. I do love the muted shades in the neopolitan range particularly.

  25. Janine Goosen

    Hi there. I also cannot get past the first page. I am interested in anything made from natural fibres as my daughter is allergic to all synthetics. Unfortunatelly I live in South Africa and natural fibre clothing is very limited. Is there an agency here??? I believe we should be wearing clothing that is not harmful to ourselves or our environment.

  26. Robin Collins

    Love the necklace. Can’t get past the first page.

  27. Caroline

    I love the Pauline sweater!! So sweet and precious.

  28. Ami Anderson

    I think this necklace is gorgeous! And the glimpses of the collection that I see on the blog, etc. look stunning. How do I get to the shop?

  29. Irina Francis

    I love the stripey knitted babygros/playsuits, they are adorable. (I have to mention that the ethics behind this enterprse add to the pleasure of viewing their collections). Irina

  30. Lola

    Beautiful necklaces!! I also have the same problem with the site :·(

  31. Vicki

    I love the necklace and the ethics behind what they do. I also had trouble accessing products. Will do a google search when I leave here.

  32. Heather S

    I adore the blue and white flower crochet necklace the most, it’s stunning!

  33. Engela

    I like the necklace up for graps, and its a very good idea to promote crochet (as a skill) again! Congrats. But in the different categories on this page I couldn’t believe my eyes. The Toppi!!!!! Wow wanted a pair since I saw the traditionals for the first time, long long ago as a little child. Awesome

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