Let’s Get Personal in Chicago, US with Linnea Dunham


The home of American artist Linnea Dunham

A:: American is… multitudinous, open, brave, joyous, impulsive and untamed.

M:: My walls in our home are covered with…Benjamin Moore Atrium White.


Uusi_bookshelves Conference_table Uusi_office_photos Uusi_bathroom_photos Uusi

E:: Entrance…when entering my home you will notice…we have a lot of light in our space. The building is an old, industrial structure with huge windows and high ceilings.

R:: Room in my home that needs restyling…we are building a pantry right now. We remodeled our kitchen recently and took out all the overhead cabinets. We wanted to move food & general storage to a small, separate space right off the kitchen with open shelving so it

was easy to access and see what we have. Freeing up the kitchen from all that heavy cabinetry and clutter has made it so much more inviting to hang out in and a fantastic space to work in – I want to cook all the time!


I:: if I could live in a different place or home it would be…Upper Peninsula, Michigan. I love the forests, lakes and all the snow.

C:: Craft projects that I love best are…Ikebana. I practice what Peter jokingly calls, “Guerrilla Ikebana”. I make arrangements only using plants or wildflowers found around our place in the city. No market flowers allowed. It is surprising and somehow reassuring how much beautiful, wild plant life you can discover in such an industrial area.


A:: Art in my home comes from…mostly friends, some lucky, cool finds on ebay and a few gallery purchases….like the work by Anna Kunz on the wall.

N:: New in my home is… a table Peter designed and built for the kitchen.

H:: Hobby I always make time for…reading. Anything by Thomas Mann makes me delirious. Love classic, Russian literature. Love the painterly, deeply trippy world of South American novels. Anne Sexton. Walt Whitman – any writer whose work lets me use my mind and not my eyes to see the world.    


O:: Outfit, my favorite thing to wear is…my Paul Smith Kings Road boots. They were stupid-expensive, but 4 years later they are still super-cool, (and finally paid off on the credit card – ow) and basically, the only boot I want to wear.


M:: Magazines I love to read are…I have a subscription to New York Magazine that I read cover to cover and do the crossword puzzle at the end – pure bliss. Elle Decoration UK is always wonderful. I used to stalk the Japanese magazine Dune, until it vanished. I love the photography & styling in the French kid’s magazine, Milk – I would also like to read the articles but spent too much time goofing off in highschool and not enough time studying my French – “cest la vie” (lame, I know, but fitting). And, thanks to my Mom, I have had a subscription to National Geographics since I was 10. That iconic, yellow cover is a touchstone to my childhood and practically an architectural element in our home now.

E:: Enjoy, I can’t live without…my cats, Gun & Monkey.  Does that make me the crazy lady?


After selling their first company Binth Linnea and her partner Peter started a new brilliant company called Uusi… a creative studio for product design, graphic imagery and architectural interior elements…you can find all their beautiful products here in the shop…don't miss the Advent Calendar or their blog.

Bloesem loves comments

    Well, its gorgeus!!! I like it so much!!!
    I just to know your blog and I think its fantastic your post.
    Always you write things very creative, congratulations.
    Sorry but my english it´s no good ;D
    Regards from Madrid..♥♥..

  2. judith b

    What a fabulous light-drenched place! Each wooden piece (furniture, object) is so at home here. And the kitchen is a dream: would love to see the pantry next door when it’s finished!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nikko Moy

    Linnea and Peter have such a beautiful home. It’s also fantastic to see a home from Chicago! Thanks for sharing!

  4. linnea

    Thank you, Irene, for inviting us to be in your “Let’s Get Personal” series – it is so much fun to be on your beautiful blog!

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