Just some Furniture I like…


Lately my husband and I are searching or should i say exploring … no budget at the moment :) for some furnituter we would love to see in our new apartment in Singapore (please key arrive this week!) and the bookshelf Haarlem by RAW studios based in Pretoria South Africa is definetly added to our wish-list. 


And either one of these dining table chairs would fit really nicely with the Haarlem Bookshelf don't you think? Both are designed by  Scott, Rich & Victoria, an inter-disciplinary design partnership of New Zealanders Scott Fitzsimons and Richard Hartle, who began working together in London in late 2007. 


Cristina Alonso and Isaac Pineda are Nadadora. A Design Studio from Spain  and again I love the dinig-chair, which one the three in the images do you like best? 


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  1. Anne

    I’d love to decorate a new apartment! But since we only have one, I just try to keep improving our interior. :) I LOVE the tabbed dining chair by Scott, Rich & Victoria!! That bookshelf is fantastic too.

  2. Iris

    Ik vind de tweede stoel erg mooi van vorm en samenstelling, maar ik betwijfel wel of ik het daar een hele avond tafelen (wat ik toch geregeld doe) in zou uithouden. Bij eetkamerstoelen ga ik naast mooi toch ook een beetje voor comfort. Wat dat betreft lijkt me de eerste stoel dan een betere keus.
    liefs Iris

  3. la ninja

    oh. wonderful bookshelf.
    as for the chairs, second and third ones. definitely.
    love the austere look of the last one. only, comfort-wise, I’m not that sure about the absence of back support. what do you reckon?

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