Pulau Ubin in Singapore


Another Birthday in the family this week… Happy Birthday Love of my Life! It was a wonderful day today and I hope you enjoyed it too? We went to a small island here in Singapore, calles Pulau Ubin. Yes for you who didn't know Singapore has a couple of islands and some of them are absolutely worth visiting.

Pulau Ubin is known for it's bicycle tracks, so DUtch as we are we had to go and see for ourselves. We start by driving to Changi Village, but taking a taxi is a very simple alternative. At Changi Village you will find that brings you to the island, only 5 minutes away but a nice little adventure, especially for young kids :) see the image of the ferry here below. 


Pulau Ubin is an island North East of Singapore where often said as the last “kampong” (village) in Singapore. When you arrive at the Island you are warmly welcomed by lot's of Chinese decoration and a world of bikes… bikes, bikes and more bikes… al for rent… that's what we did too of course :)


Pulauubin_kiosk_2   Pulauubin_kiosk  Pulauubin_pot


Everything at the island is simple and easy, you just follow the path… what I liked during the day, was being outdoors in the jungly forest and of course all the details in the small village. Lot's of chinese temples and offerings. For lunch we went to one of the fish/crab restaurants and after spending around 4 hours at Pulau Ubin we decided to go back home. Of course there is much more to explore on the island but the heath and two very young boys were ready to go back home.





There is an intriguing story about a 'German Girl Shrine' at Pulau Ubin that I first heard about via this wonderful blog by jeffrey and flora,  two Americans living in Singapore. Some people really worship this ghost from the past.. today we did see the sign of a small road leading up the holy place, but we are saving this little adventure for our next trip to Pulau Ubin. If you are already curious than click here and read Flora her wonderful story about the German Girl and her Shrine.



All images were taken by me, Irene, you can use them for your blog but please give credits via this link. 

Bloesem loves comments
  1. jessica nielsen

    like the pictures! nice to see some more of Singapore

  2. Lisette

    Lovely! Really enjoyed that little ‘virtual’ trip to Pulau Ubin! Made me think back to the time I lived in Hong Kong…

    Have a great weekend; I’ll be in touch soon! 😉

  3. Flora

    Thanks for linking to my blog! I’ve been meaning to head back to Pulau Ubin again. I absolutely love it there.

  4. vasu

    wow! amazing pictures….love the scenic beauty of the second one

  5. Monique Langen

    Hey, that is funny! I have just been here 2 weeks ago and I have taken like almost exactly the same pictures as above, hired a bike at the shop on the photo, went on the same boat…But the island is very small, so that is not so strange. Nice photos though….

  6. serena

    Loved the little trip… have left singapore many years ago (snif ), my mum is singaporean, and now were in France… beautiful memories for me each time you talk about singapore… thanks!

  7. Cara

    This little island looks lovely. It reminds me of an island we cycled in Vietnam. I don’t cycle so well, but it was still fantastic :)

  8. Stephanie

    I’m a Singaporean, but funnily enough, I’ve never been to Pulau Ubin! I really should make a trip there someday when I go back!

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