Guest post: My favorite bedding by Debora Reis…


*Post written by Debora Reis

My favorite baby bedding

We’re expecting our second child. And since we already have all the “essentials", I thought it would be nice to create something new by customizing the cradle with this fabric from Tas-ka, covered in cute little homes.

Deborareis_2But of course there is no better reason (or should I say excuse…) than to shop around for new baby things. So here are a few of my favorites: Sleepsack by Airdeje and Bunny body …….READ MORE>>

by Bobo Choses, both found at Noeuf l- Le baby Concept store. Robin cushion, Rainy day blanket and Charlie the monkey by Donna Wilson.


Softies that rock!

What’s a better way to go to sleep at night than to cuddle up with your favorite soft friend? Right! Let’s dive into a bed full of them.
In the picture: bedding and blanket from Ikea. Little monsters Ugly Dolls and Mr. Bigmouth. 
The eye catching Rill the foxy racoon/ squirrel ; 
Mister Simone; and Hold me Tight Mustache Pillow; Yellow guitar ; Mr. Snake and Octopus cushion.

Debora does not have a blog herself but you can follow her tweets right here @abracadebora.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. ivor

    Those Ugly dolls are cute!
    I really loved your blogpost, debora!

  2. Popo

    The bed looks like vintage furniture to me…
    Looks nice! where did you buy it?

  3. iris

    Oh I love the cradle with the tas-ka fabric, and I just can’t resist Rill the foxy Racoon and Charlie the Monkey.
    Thanks for the inspiration Debora.

  4. Natascha

    I love the racoon/squirrl and all the stuff from Donna Wilson! And I think Octopus can spend his life also in a grownup bed… 😉

    Great blog Debora, hope for many more to come.

  5. Petra

    Debora, I Love your selection and sense of style. Beautiful pictures! To bad you don’t have a blog of your own, would love to see more of your findings (and your own designs) on the internet, they are a great inspiration.
    Best of luck!

  6. Miek

    Gotta love the Robin cushion!
    Love your blog!

  7. Martha

    Nice blog! I love your style. You should do this more often and inspire a lot of people.
    Hope to hear from you again soon.

  8. Casa dell'Arte

    We are already past this station in life, but I was looking for a gift on the internet. I love your suggestions, so keep them coming!

  9. Angelique

    Love the way you added the colors in all types of fabrics and monsters and kept the rooms in basic whites/grey and finished with the vintage furniture styling. The green book “mama kwijt” and the little wooden figures give something extra in the picture. I’m curious about your cradle, is it like a hanging basket? I’m all for recycling furniture.

  10. ivonne


    Now I can find original presents for my nephews & nieces.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  11. burberry sale

    The green book “mama kwijt” and the little wooden figures give something extra in the picture. I’m curious about your cradle, is it like a hanging basket? I’m all for recycling furniture.

  12. debora

    Hi Angelique,

    Yes, the cradle is an oval hanging basket from Leander. You can easily get one second hand since most babies outgrow them in 3 to 4 months.

    I’m currently working on a blog of my own, and I’ve added a few pictures of the veil + cradle so you can see it more clearly. The blog isn’t finished yet, but you can have a sneak peek at http://www.abracadebra.nl.
    The wooden animal figures are from Dille+Kamille by the way…they’re pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

    Thanks everybody for your kind comments!

    love, debora

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