ps. I’m in Singapore so let’s start with some coffee


{beautiful cafe inspiration, Market Lane Cafe in Melbourne, via sprk … the tiled wall would also do well as a kitchen in my own home}

Let's start with some coffee this Monday morning… we have been in Singapore again during the weekend and one thing I really love of being here (and yes miss in Kuala Lumpur) is having a simple but very good coffee in a nice ambience … in Singapore I love to go to the place downstairs of our apartement block, called Kith cafe, yes even the NY Times did a nice write-up about them. 


{Kith cafe in Singapore}

It's such a small little cafe, i believe 5 people are working here everyday from 7-7, 7 days a week sometimes… yes that is what you call hard work!… and everyday they serve you amazing food always with real friendly face. I often think why can't………………………………………..Read More>>>


Pspscafe  Pscafe Pspscafes

…you have more places like this in for instance Amsterdam where service often is 'rubbish'… i admire people who are passionate about what they do and are willing to work hard for what they believe in…

So you have to visit Kith Cafe when you are in Singapore!!



Another cafe I really love in Singapore is ps. Cafe… I like it especially for the interior decoration… the furniture, color palletes and little touches are totally up my alley. And the good thing is the food, drinks and service were also very good.  


We have only been once so far but will come back and enjoy sitting outside in the lush green surroundings… perfect match for me of Asia meets Europe. Some images below from ps. cafe that I took while we were there…



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  1. Karen Vogelsang

    I live in Manila and agree that service in Europe is often “rubbish”! In Asia, you are generally given service with a smile and whilst it is not always the most efficient service, it’s always pleasant to be greeted cheerfully. In Europe I sometimes get the impression that people in service industries think that they are doing you a favor! I love your blog by the way and am really jealous that you have a home both in KL and in Singapore!

  2. Marie @etincellestudio

    Hey Irene! I have never been to Kith cafe… it makes me ashamed since I live in Singapore… and have been doing so for more than 3 years. Bouhh to me.

  3. emma

    oh crap, now i need to add singapore to my top ten list of new places to visit. thanks so much for this post – i’m inspired!

  4. Hui Shi

    Hello Irene! I reside in Singapore and have been following your blog. :)
    There has been a new wave of cafes in Singapore. If you’re still here, you might like to check out 40 Hands, a small indie cafe (alike Kith), which serves up excellent coffee. It’s hidden in one of our nostalgic estates – Tiong Bahru. http://www.40handscoffee.com/ You can also check out at an indie bookstore called Books Actually just opposite the cafe after having a cuppa.

    Another cafe (not so new but I highly recommend for a weekend brunch) is Riders. It’s tucked away in Bukit Timah Saddle Club. If you’re lucky, you could be watching the horses trotting in the nearby fields over brunch. Try the eggs benedict and also the pancakes :) Make reservations if not you’ll be in for a wait.

    Have fun!

  5. satsuki : zakka nouveau

    oh! i loved ps. cafe too! my cousin brought me the last time i was visiting & the view of all the lush greenery was so lovely. i’ll definitely have to try kith cafe!

  6. Lisette

    Gorgeous places, Irene! Thanks so much for sharing! Will add them to my list of places to visit when next in S’pore…

    Regarding the various comments about ‘service’in Europe, I have to agree that unfortunately it tends to be an exception to come across people who attend you with a smile on their face, passionate about and enjoying what they do. It makes such a difference to the whole experience of eating out (or even having a coffee) when the service is good!

  7. Tara Thivolet

    Ps cafe in Dempsey is my favorite too. Try their Club Street location too. Unfortunately no kids allowed , but a lunch away from the kids is sometimes nice I think. Along Club Street there are lots of other fun, cute & delicious restaurants. enjoy your stroll through Club Street.

  8. Tara Thivolet

    Sorry Irene. PS Cafe on “Club Street” is actually on Ann Siang road just off Club Street. Enjoy your stroll in the neighborhood

  9. JiLin

    Hello there,
    stumbled accidentally to your blog today from Sara Strand´s blog.
    Im happy to find another inspiring blog.
    Have a pleasant day(s) in the tropic!

    cheers from a malaysian now living in Finland,

  10. Nina van den Berg

    Hi! There actually is a fantastic coffeeplace in Amsterdam. It’s called two for Joy, it is located at the Frederiksplein. The owners Shane and Mahir opened about a year ago and soon another two for joy is opening at the Haarlemmerdijk. The coffee is simply the best in Amsterdam and the owners and the other staff are soooo sweet! Well worth checking it out.
    By the way, your blog is gooooooooood!
    x Nina, Amsterdam

  11. Amelia

    Hi, I’m Malaysian and travel as often as I can across the border to Singapore in search of inspiration and to get away from the madness in KL. You’re one lucky woman to get to live in both places :-)

  12. Irena

    Ah, the place I want to drink my coffee every morning………….. thanx for sharing :)

  13. Jimbo

    That´s right! The coffee at Two For Joy in Amsterdam is amazing!!! Totally worth a visit!

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