Let’s Get Personal in the Netherlands with Nellianna en Kenneth from Snowpuppe


Let's get Personal with Nellianna en Kenneth from Snowpuppe

D:: Dutch is ….walking along the fishing boats in Scheveningen and breathing in the salty air from the sea. It is also walking on an empty beach during heavy autumn storms, watching big swells.

E:: entrance, when entering our home you will notice … that we are always busy with creativity. Most of the time our home is filled with sketches, models and inspiring books. Especially Nellianna has the habit of spreading things all over the place.


S:: Style means … collecting things from places where we have been. Those things reming us of beautiful moments. For instance we have a branch of a tree from Denmark in our bedroom that we use to hang clothes on.

I:: interesting places in my city are … the secret entrance to the Paleistuinen in the Hague. There is a hidden entrance where you can ring a bell. After ringing, the entrance to the gardens will be opened for you by guards. When entering you feel like the queen.

Snowpuppe4  Snowpuppe3 Snowpuppe6

Snowpuppe7 Snowpuppe11 Snowpuppe111


G:: gardening is something we … don't do because we don't have a garden. We use the beach and the nature around it as our garden.

N:: New, in our home is … our second cat Juni (June). Also known as Muesli.


H:: Hobby, I always make time for … going to the beach. Either for surfing, walking or drinking a cup of coffee with friends.

O:: Outfit, my favorite thing to wear is my pyjama … in the early morning, waking up with our 2 cats and a bowl of porridge with huney.


M:: Magazines we love to read are magazines… about inspiring people doing things that need courage.

E:: Enjoy, we can't live without … challenges. We love to get out of our comfort zone.



…………………..Thank you Nellianna en Kenneth.………………….


Great to see the faces behind studio snowpuppe… are the founders of  snowpuppe, a design studio making super beautiful folded lamps that are based on the Japanes art vorm, origami. Nelliana gave her father a workshop as a present one day not knowing then how much she would love this craft herself. Kenneth came up with the idea to make folded lampshades, but his folding techniques resulted in something that looked more like the bottom half of a snowpup… but Nelianna's patieince and talent paid off and soon the first paper lamp soon was ready for sales… 


All images by Surya Handayana


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  1. fenny setiawan

    This is one of the inspiring post for today reading. I love their lamp design and also the detail of their house decoration. especially how they hung the dress in the staircase, I think its brilliant idea :).

  2. Inés

    Wow… I love everything in this post! The yellow details, the lamps, the vintage phone… and the cat!

  3. Nellianna & Kenneth

    We were quite nervous about this post, cause it is so personal..
    But we are very happy with the result :)

    Thank you very much for the beautiful post!!

    Nellianna & Kenneth

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