Nice home in Amsterdam captured by Vorstin


A bit of relaxing this morning together with an old issue of the 101-woonideeen , can't tell you how happy I am to receive these copies!! And how nice to see Marjon, my dear photographer friend with one of her shoots in this issue. She had already told me about this house and the according to her super friendly, nice and inspiring people that live there. 


Photographers couple Liesbeth Abbenes and Maurice Scheltens lives here with their two kids. The couple choose a former cigarette shop in the Northern part of Amsterdam and decided to transform it into a beautiful home.  


I enjoy seeing this typical Dutch street, brings back nice memories…

Do you remember me telling you about my favorite couches last week, well the images below only confirm my feel about the Tufty by Particia Urquiola.. it simply looks great in this home. 

Vorstin2  101_irene3 Vorstin



Some of my favorite pictures from this shoot were the ones from the bathroom and guest toilet. I love the super basic white tiling in the bathroom. I know many of you would consider this old-fashioned but I really like the graphic and geometric feel about it. 


Thank you to 101-woonideeen for sending me your super inspiring magazine every month! and a big thank you to Marjon!

If you would like to see other shoots Marjon has taken from homes that still haven't been featured in any other magazines than click the 'for sale' button in her website and contact her directly if you wish to buy a series for your publication.   


Bloesem loves comments
  1. Marjon

    Nice you mentioned the toilet and bathroom! I really love them too…a perfect house in every detail!!! Xx

  2. cathie

    love the large scale portrait of the two girls above the sofa – the colors, composition and scale are absolutely perfect!

  3. wieke

    Nice to see some extra pictures of the house that weren’t included in the magazine, like the bathroom and the guest toilet. Lovely!

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