Our new home in Kuala Lumpur


… perhaps you missed this post over at Bloesem last Tuesday… so I thought best to post here too and you understand my absence a bit better :) … next week many more posts I promise!

What do you think… you like my new living room? I'm super happy, exhausted and excited…. last Sunday the big move to our new place here in KL finally took place. All our furniture and boxes made it safe and sound to their new place. 

I really love the open, bright and spacious feel of the new living room… and yes pinching myself to be so lucky to call this place 'home' for the next couple of years. My mom says we deserve it after working hard for the last 15 years, but I still feel very very lucky! 

The next couple of days I will be busy unpacking, decorating and putting everything in place. So my posts will be there but not on a regular base like normal…. but please come back for more updates of our new place and Tiffany will be posting too! 

Just wondering do you like to move house? I have done it 8 times in the last 11 years and still find it exhasuting but very rewarding and fun… irene xoxo



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  1. desiree - vosgesparis

    Irene!! It looks amazing.. such a space and I love the bright white walls!! I am excited to see what you are gonna make of this new place.. wish you all the happiness of the world in it!

    Moving house I did not do for the last 23! years but after the latest kitchen renovation I am busy for 3 weeks now around the house and I am starting to get a bit tired.. But I think it is good to let everything through your hand… now and then ; ) Have fun decorating x

  2. vala

    love moving! especially between countries, its hard work but so exciting…hope you settle in good and enjoy!

  3. Reka

    Looks wonderful! Im very happy for you Irene! good luck with unpacking!

  4. Jane

    Oh, I’m turning green with jealousy! I hate the process of moving (finding new place, packing, moving, unpacking) but I love tackling a new space and new neighborhood. It’s very exciting!

  5. Kurt Palen

    Your new home is all white. Perhaps you should play with the colors of your interiors. Some puff of bright colors will do; blue and yellow works so well with white. And the atmosphere that these colors give is just so calming.

  6. Debby Muilwijk

    Lieve Irene,

    Heel veel geluk in jullie nieuwe woning! Het is een mooi, fantastisch huis, super dat we het hebben mogen zien! En natuurlijk heel veel succes met alles wat je gaat doen met Bloesemkids! Wish you all the luck!! Liefs van Debby

  7. dawn machell

    love love love it!
    how I dream of a white space like that with no clutter and no plastic toys and no kids STUFF everywhere :-)

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