Giveaway: handmade pillow cover from Eko Fabrik


Welcome eko fabrik, we're thrilled that you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: Your choice between a handmade frog pillow or a whale pillow cover. Both pillow covers are made from 100 percent post consumer recycled plastic bottle felt. How cool is that?

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, which pillow cover do you like and why?


Kim Johnson is the creator behind the gorgeous eko fabrik shop! She is also an illustrator, and you can see her work  here.

..eko fabrik.. 

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED: The winner is Becca – congratulations!!

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Patricia

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity! I love the cute frog as it has a very happy smile and also because my little kid is crazy about frogs.

  2. Veronica

    I love the whale pillow! It is perfect for nursery nautical theme!

  3. summer

    These are so cute. I love them both, but I think the whale is my favorite. How could you not love a smiling whale?

  4. Pernille Andersen

    How can you not love these covers! The happy whale is gonna spread a lot of joy and I absolutely love the colors which is relaxing and well fitted together!

  5. liz

    I would love love LOVE to win the whale pillow for my 5 year old son because he is completely whale obsessed! We are having a whale theme party for his birthday next month and this would be the icing on the whale shaped cake i have yet to make! x

  6. Girl on the Moon

    Oh I love them both! But if I have to choose it will be the frog. Because that was one of the first words my daughter used (in dutch “kikke(r)”)!

  7. Helen Shim

    I love the whale pillow!! Not only is it cute but it also matches the color palette of our home.

  8. Maria

    Gorgeous! Both are fab but would have to say the frog wins our hearts as my hubby is French and it would remind my toddler of his roots 😉

  9. Kris

    I’ll like the frog, it makes me smile!
    But actually I’m writing on behalf of my doughter Lina. She is celebrating her fourth anniversary today and she likes the whale because he can swim in the sea. Like if that’s not a good reason8

  10. Catherine

    My son loves the frog–so friendly. The multicolored sham is gorgeous!

  11. summer calvin

    I absolutely love the whale and it would compliment the sea life artwork I purchased from eko fabrik for my infant son’s nursery.

  12. Helen Kolenda

    I always love a whale and so does my 5 year old….very cute:)

  13. allegra

    love the frog since my daughter loves it when i hop around & “ribbit”!

  14. Joanna

    OO I love the wahle pilow, my son woud have so much story telling fun with it!

  15. Faye

    The whale cushion cover has stolen my heart as the ocean is mine and my daughter’s happy place.

  16. Sarah Taylor

    I love the frog pillow!!! I like the texture. I like his smug happy grin. I like how his face is so stinkin green. It’s all just too cute.

  17. sara

    They are both lovely but I would have to choose the whale.

  18. Miranda

    The frog pillow would my son smile! He really likes them after seeing one jumping around in our garden. I can see him already showing the pillow to everyone visiting us, saying ‘eh-eh’ (the dutch word for frog is Kikker, but that is to difficult for him).

  19. sacha

    I love the whale for my son and the frog for my daughter:)-

  20. Nicky

    For me it would have to be the whale. We have a sealife themed bathroom so it would fit in perfectly. Also my son loves whales and dolphins and would love to be a marine biologist when he grows up (he’s 11).

  21. Jenn

    Both are adorable! I love the greens in the frog though, I would put it right in the middle of the house on our sofa for folk artsy fun!

  22. Anna

    Both pillows are wonderful! But love the whale pillow because of the colour combination and because it makes you want to rest your head on it and dream about the ocean.

  23. Polina

    These pillow cases are fun! I like the whale design most :)

  24. Kim

    My 3 year old Son sat on my lap while I looked at this blog. When he saw the frog pillow, the first thing he said was ‘ mommy! I love the frog!’
    Need I say more??

  25. Jennyroo

    Oh, they are both so sweet! My oldest son would love the whale and my middle child would love the frog, so I don’t know that I can choose between the two! If I happen to be a lucky winner, I’ll let fate decide!

  26. Melissa

    Those are adorable!! I think we’d have to choose the whale as there seems to be a whale theme going on in my son’s room. He’d love it!

  27. Iris

    The frog, because I’ve always had a soft spot for Kermit too : )

  28. Bhav

    I love the whale…very calm, soothing and perfect to cuddle with.

  29. Melanie

    We’ve just made a pond in our garden and a frog has moved in already – I’d have to choose FROG!

  30. Sab

    The Whale! I made a mobile for my son with the same whale shape!

  31. Mhairi

    I love both but the frog is my favourite. He looks like he just caught a fly.
    But the whale is lovely too.

  32. Ann

    The frog pillow is just precious. I love the shade of green.

  33. French Mom

    The whale pillow is my favorite. It would be a great present for my son’s 1rst year’s birthday…
    Best. A french blossomed mom

  34. melody h.

    The Whale one for sure! The whale pillow grabs at my heart and those colors are so soothing!

  35. Tomoko

    I love the frog. My daughter loves to sing frog song(it’s Japanese song), and she’ll love this pillow.

  36. paula arrais

    i love the whale one! my baby’s nursery will have a hebrew theme and that pillow would be perfect with the Jonah and the whale vintage poster we’ll hang on the wall :)

  37. Keri

    I like the frog–the mottled texture of the green felt feels snuggly to me.

  38. nadja

    Oh, it s very cool!
    I love both, but if I had o choose it would be the whale one. It can always remind me of the summer, and the kid is very into fishes now. Fingers crosses!

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