Let’s Get Personal in the UK with Lubna Chowdhary


Let's Get Personal with Lubna Chowhary

B:: British is…   Well, when I was a little girl growing up in Tanzania, I read a book which told me that British was : snow, a warm vest, school dinners and knives and forks. I was rather disappointed not to find any snow when I arrived.


R:: room, my favorite room in our home is… Our library. It was one of the first rooms we completed in the house. Its the room that is closest  to our original vision for the house. We dont use it enough.

Office  Kitchen Dining Cabinets Settee-2.


I:: ideas come from… Whilst on train journeys I  like to just   look out of the window  and think – I always try to get into the quiet carriage. I also like to think in the shower. I have tiled the whole shower in dark watery tones and the sound of the water transports you.


T:: time I need to make for…  I would love to sing some of my favourite songs and learn to play an instrument, possibly harmonica or guitar , something portable so I could whip it out when the need arose. .


I:: indulgence, my secret indulgence is… Wimbledon car boot sale on a Saturday morning , most of the things in our house have come from there. Ive had to limit my visits now as our house is full. Its still a pleasure to go and browse. Its not for everyone though.


S:: style means… a statement on a budget.

H:: home is… where I m happy to spend most of my time.


H:: hobby, I always make time for…  sewing. I have a huge selection of fabric that I have collected over the years from a variety of places and whenever  a special occasion arises,  I love to run up a new dress.   

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is…    My mid blue wool cape.  I made the cape  and my husband Nick  spent hours cross stitching onto  it for me.  It 's always noticed whenever I wear it and its nice to have a story about it to tell people. Its such a labour of love.  Its on his blog


M:: magazines I love to read are… I must admit , I don't read magazines regularly, Im rather  promiscuous, however I love this blog and wish the postings were more frequent.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without…Kisses…………


…………………..Thank You Lubna Chowhary……………

I think it was some time in early 2010 that I found the beautiful ceramic containers made by Lubna and shared them with you here on Bloesem. Ever since I have been following her and always enjoy seeing her work. Perhaps one day a floor or wall in my home can be covered with her gorgeous tiles.

An exclusive selection of these tiles were designed for Agnes Emery and are still available in the Emery and Cie shops in Paris, Antwerp and Brussels. Also style icon Maragret Howell sells some of Lubna's designs, the beautiful hotplates. 


..Lubna Chowhary

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  1. Marloes

    Beautiful home! Love the vibrant colors everywhere, such a celebration of ‘living’. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Vosges Paris

    A look into the office of Ben from Studio aandacht… hij heeft nog eben het ijzerdraad mooi hebogen voor de foto ūüėČ … en vroeg of ik je kende… (had ik al verteld geloof ik ūüėČ

  3. Vosges Paris

    sorry voor de typos… moeilijk hoor overdag een pc op t werk en ‘s avonds een laptopje.. dan zit je nog wel eens net naast de letters ;P

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