Living in Kuala Lumpur… the Good


A bit of personal post today, tomorrow and the next here on Bloesem…. yes I’m going to write this post in a couple of days as there is too much too tell and share … mostly good.

It’s about me living in Malaysia with my family for almost five years, it’s also about being a foreigner in a different country and it is about being Dutch and the culture I was brought up with.


Why because lately Malaysia has been quite a challenge for me and my family to live. It all started with the move to our new home a couple of months ago. Before, we were living in this bungalow that you see in all the images and we really enjoyed it here, but playing outside was not very easy as the streets are certainly not safe for kids to bike or play. So we thought moving to one of those gated-communities would be the perfect solution. Kids play outside and papa and mama could just walk to a restaurant or grab a coffee… something I really missed doing living here in KL. Just before we finalised our contract with our new landlord I was invited by Prestige Magazine, a life-style magazine here in Malaysia to share the way we as people from the Netherlands live in a typical Malaysian bungalow in Damansara Heights.


Of course I was more than happy to do so. Photographer Kah Mun from the MythStudio Team and editor Tan Lee Kuan came to our home and we had a wonderful, creative day together. The issue has already been published and I thought it was great honor to be featured so thank you Prestige Magazine. {ps. I can only say if you are ever looking for a photographer here in Malaysia, please call the MythStudio Team, these guys are absolutely great to work with!}


So why did we move you would think, well only for one reason and that was to find a place where our kids could safely play outside with other children, learn to ride their bikes and more… and tomorrow I will let you know why this has been a HUGE mistake…

Part 1 of my series Living in Kuala Lumpur, tomorrow… the Bad

..Prestige Magazine
..Photographer Kah Mun

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  1. minna

    We Scandinavian people don´t even realize who easy it is raise kids here. Kids can go out play with their friends, walk to school etc. Greeting from Helsinki : ) And I hope everything will turn well.

  2. Titia

    Superhuis en -foto’s en ohh, die gordijnen! (wie, wat waar?) ben benieuwd naar the bad…

  3. Bonjour Juliette

    Tsss… Now i’m waiting like an old lady waiting for her fave soap on tv!
    But that’s an alibi for me to tell you how much i do appreciate your blog, AND i never dared asking but i find it super interesting indeed to learn more about what it’s like for you to live in Malaysia.

  4. Anne

    I love your sense of style, Irene. Your blog is a true source of inspiration, thank you. I hope your story has a happy ending!

  5. Mrs Bok

    My aunt lives in Damansara Heights!

    What a change for you – from cold Europe to hot, steamy KL! I’m following your posts with great interest. I’ve thought about moving to Asia but the climate…I don’t know. My brain seems to melt in the heat!

  6. Kerry

    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear it has been a mistake. Obviously lovely pics, but no good if things aren’t right.

  7. linnea

    Congratulations on the feature in Prestige Magazine, Irene! Your home looks so warm and beautiful. But now of course, I am verrrry curious to hear what the “bad” is…

  8. Ana Ventura

    Very Nice Photos from your beautiful home. Congrats Irene, looks lovely…and I’m proud to be part of your world :-) thanks so much for sharing.

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