Gifts under USD 25


1. Fox Mask by Frida’s Tierchen                 7. Mouse Candleholder at The Wooden Wagon

2. Panda Medal by Coral and Tusk             8. Magnifying Glass at Areaware

3. Bird Whistles at Earth Tribe                    9. Lunch Bag by Miss Natalie

4. Big Mustache by Oeuf                              10. Silly Goose Plate at Urban Baby

5. Woodworking Kit at Romp                      11. Mr. Little Moustache Mirror by Le Petit Pot

6. Wooden Elephant by ImagiPlay              12. Rabbit Puppet by Furze Chan


13. Temporary tattoos at Tattly                                  19. Circus Stamp Set by Yellow Owl Workshop

14. Compass and Sundial at Nova Natural               20. Tooth Fairy Kit by Paper and Twine

15. Paris Junior Map at Smallable                             21. Avalisa Memory Game at Fawn and Forest

16. Santa Plush Toy by Jane Foster                           22. Wooden Coloring Set at Little Scout

17. Wooden Soldier Skittles at Lark                          23. Mini Heart Garland at Little Yellow Birds

18. Black Board and Chalk at Hello Polly                 24. Squirrel Pull Toy at Grasshopper


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