Gifts under USD 50


1. Apple by Acne Jr                                                   7. Animal Alphabet Chart by Rifle Paper Co

2. Bean Game at Little Fashion Gallery                 8. Red Glitter Shoes by TOMS

3. Outdoor Explorer Kit at Sweet William               10. ABC Dream Book by The Wild Unknown

4. Wooden Yo-yo at The Curiosity Shoppe           9. Make Your Own Monster Kit by Donna Wilson

5. Trojan Horse by Kidsonroof                               11. Circus Tableware at Mimi’s Circus

6. Wooden Musical Set at My Sweet Muffin          12. Owl Cardigan by KLT Works


13. kedublock cylinders at Orphan Socks                    20. Camera at Pichouline

14. Mini Rocking Horse at Eco Toys                            21. Design Your Own Recorder at Romp

15. Piggy Bank at Brook Farm                                        22. Dog Plush Toy by Smallable

16. Woodland Memory Game by Dwell Studio                23. Yellow Ava Purse at Everbloom  

17. First Aid Box at Sisters Guild                                      24. Tree Stump Ottoman at Lark

18. Sailboat Ornament by Paloma’s Nest                     25. Alphabet Blocks by Little Sapling Toys

19. Nesting Robots at The Land of Nod


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