Fashion Story with Flora and Henri


Fashion Story with Flora and Henri.

F: Fashion is… A way to present yourself to the world, to distinguish yourself from others and a way to express the way you see yourself each day.


A: Accessories are important because… They aren’t for me unless they have a sentimental or precious touch. My favorite jewelry are pieces my grandmother wore whenever I saw her. I like simplicity and I cannot work hard for fashion.


S: Starting our Brand was… A time of great optimism and of freedom to create. As time moved forward, owning a brand has been 95% work and 5% creativity, but I still can’t live without that 5%.


H: Home to me is… A nest for my family, completely removed from the world outside. Love. Love. Love and big meals, quiet spaces, beautiful objects and fragrant flowers.


I: Icons in fashion are to me… MARNI (If I end up really poor you will know why) I love the style of Cate Blanchet and Michelle Williams, but great casual street chic is always the most interesting.


O: Over the years we have learned that the most important thing is… To stay calm and have a long lunch. Then, go home to my family.


N: New ideas often arise when… I am far, far away from the question or problem. I need space to think well.


S: Style means to me… A great sense of self. I love European women because they do not conform to a Hollywood look. There are many women with very non-traditional faces who make you look twice with their stunning sense of self.


T: Trade-fairs I like to go to… None. For the children’s market, Playtime or formerly Bubble, was a lovely way to meet other young brands and creative people, but as a sales tool, I think they are a thing of the past. The internet has changed the way people are exposed to brands and has liberated small labels from the strangle-hold of the big doors in retail.

O: Order, our breakthrough order came when… Still Waiting! But I love our loyal, confident shoppers that come back again and again. I would like to kiss each one of them.


R: Returning trends in fashion are… freckles and non straightened hair (perhaps I am just hoping)!

Y: Years from now I will… relax and say, ‘it wasn’t boring and we had some amazing lunches solving problems and dreaming of beautiful things’.

..Flora and Henri

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  1. Bianca Kempenaar

    Love this post. I can’t think of better advice: To stay calm and have a long lunch. Then, go home to my family.

  2. Heather

    I love, love, love the world of Flora + Henri that Jane has created. It is endlessly inspiring and beautiful. I wish there were more brands with the purity of vision and focus that I see expressed in her collections year after year. Thanks for the nice post and thanks to Jane for all the beauty.

  3. jenni

    I really enjoyed this Q & A & the refreshingly direct & honest answers of a brand who I think have the balance right! :)
    Great post.

  4. gorras nike

    Det mesta av det du pekar ut är förvånansvärt legitimt och det gör mig att undra varför jag inte hade tittat på detta med detta ljus tidigare. Din artikel fick verkligen slå på ljuset på för mig personligen i den mån detta specifika ämne går. Men vid denna tid finns det faktiskt en viss position jag inte alltför bekväma med och medan jag försöker att förena det med ett centralt tema för positionen, låt mig se vad resten av dina läsare har att say.Nicely gjort.

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