Giveaway: tee and poster from Mini & Maximus


Welcome Mini & Maximus, we're happy you are doing a giveaway with us!

What you can win this week :: a "I cut my own hair" tee, and a "Don't Grow Up" poster by Mini & Maximus.

What you have to do :: leave a comment below telling us, about your child's cutting their own hair disaster story.


In addition to creating their own unique Mini & Maximus designs, they also collaborate with artists both young and old who inspire them. They contribute original ideas exclusively designed for Mini & Maximus, presenting you with their individual artistic approaches and points of view.

..Mini & Maximus

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: the winner is Brandy, congratulations!! 

If you didn't win this giveaway, do not fret because another one is happening right now.

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Amanda!

    my child hasn’t YET cutted her hair but I remember when I did it to my self! I was about five years old and I decided to play hairdresser. So I cut my dolls hair and then my own hair also. I was very proud of the result, but my mum was terrified. So she made me go to real hairdresser. What a shame!

  2. Hiskia

    Wish I had a great story to share… but Isis wants hair like Tangled so nobody is allowed to cut her hair :-)

  3. anna

    My brother cut my hair with pinking shears the day before my 1st communion. It was a disaster!

  4. Vail

    Just about a year ago, my then 5 year old son decided to “style” his hair, which involved climbing way up high to get the scissors he knew he wasn’t allowed to have and cutting off a huge chuck of hair right in front. I think he figured we wouldn’t notice. The barber nearly fell down laughing when we took him in to try to fix it. These days, my son wants long hair down to the floor (a la Tangled) so no worries about him repeating the horror.

  5. Patick

    My daughter has been learning to use scissors properly, and decided to practice with her hair. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty We ended up having to take her to a hair salon to get the situation fixed.

  6. Neel

    my daughter wants to be a hairdresser
    at the age of 4 she has cut her own froefroe
    first I was mad but the result was exactly really good
    I love the t-shirt but I couldn’t find it in belgium

  7. Brandy

    My son cut one of his sisters ringlets off so he could bring a little bit of her to preschool with him. How can you be mad at that?! Plus she has a whole lot of curls, so you couldn’t notice 😉

  8. jen

    what a great giveaway! she hasn’t cut her own hair yet, except for the odd small piece that didn’t show… but she did take scissors to all (EVERY SINGLE ONE) of her Corolle and other dolls… they all became very-close-to-bald one day and then she realized their hair would not grow back. so she chose to spruce them up by coloring in their faces, adding lots of makeup and other “color” so they are now nearly bald, completely colored-on dolls. her brother (now one and just getting into playing with them a bit) is going to have a very interesting doll collection.

  9. Traveling Mama

    So far none of my three have attempted it, but I’m guessing it will be my third that tries it! He’s a bit mischievous! :-)

  10. Leonie Verver

    believe it or not, but my monkey has his hair processed with a tiny nail scissors. result; pretty cute messy hair, but on top of his head…. an almost bald spot…

  11. Karin

    Within the span of one month, my 2 1/2 year old cut her hair, the cat’s hair (including the tip of his ear – almost cutting it off completely!), and the hair of two American Girl dolls – NOT HERS! Have mercy.

  12. Jennyroo

    When my oldest cut her own hair, everyone was so worried she would be upset with her appearance that they would all reassure her… “you look fine, don’t worry, it will grow back” to the point where she didn’t care at all. I didn’t like that, I wanted her to feel a little remorse so she wouldn’t try to do it AGAIN!

  13. jordan femme pas cher

    Tack för att skriva denna. Jag känner mig verkligen som om jag vet så mycket mer om detta än jag gjorde innan. Din blogg tog verkligen några saker att lysa som jag aldrig skulle ha tänkt på innan du läser den. Du bör fortsätta detta skulle Im säker på de flesta överens om youve fick en gåva.

  14. gorras red bull

    Jag är för närvarande vilket innebär att glada att du kommer definitivt. Bara den typ bruksanvisningen som borde vara naturligt och aldrig i allmänhet frågor hype med andra ord runt en annan webbplatser. Var tacksam för det egna uttryckande där säkraste fil.

  15. ana

    I’m 34 and still like to cut my own hair. It’s iresistable! :)

  16. piia

    My daughter has not discovered the scissors yet,who knows what the future bring?Love the Mini & Maximus collection,great giveaway!

  17. Richelle

    My daughter has never taken the scissors to her own hair as she has little friends who have done so, and she was not impressed by their results. I, however, have tried to “trim” her bangs…when it finally got out of control I brought her to our hairdresser who immediately knew it was being hacked by an amateur.

  18. Paula C

    When my sister was in preschool another little girl decided to cut my sister’s hair. My mom is a hair dresser and she was not too pleased with the outcome!

  19. Jennifer

    My kiddo trimmed her hair, her t-shirt and her pants at preschool one day. No more scissors for her!

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