On Pinterest: ‘design & poster art’ by Sandi Devenny


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Welcome back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, that is the feeling I got while looking at this gorgeous and fun design and poster art board.  With these designs you can immediately transfer the look and feel of your home as you are getting back into the groove of the olden days…

Did I mentioned that Sandi Devenny from AdaLou Blog created this pinterest board… for you who don't know Sandi, let me quickly tell you something about her… a groovy working gal and mom and graphic designer/illustrator. Sandi is known for her love of art and vintage and it shows, not only in this design and poster art board but also in AdaLou Blog as that it is an inspiration for her daily life.

..design and poster art on Pinterest


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  1. sandi d

    Thanks so much for featuring my Pinterest board and writing such sweet stuff about me on your lovely blog. Have a fabulous weekend :) Sandi

  2. Live

    Lovely board with lots of gorgeous and fun poster & art design! I’m now following:)

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