Making pictures … and some explanation


Dear BloesemKids readers,

It has been one of those months where the work has just been piling up…backlog, backlog, backlog! I am sure you know the feeling … one step forward and multiple steps back… and on top of that, I am also back to a one-woman operation until I find someone to help out on all sorts of back office stuff and social media … (let me know if you can recommend anyone, preferably in my time zone…)

But I cannot complain, feeling completely re-energized by this wonderful mentioning of  the Bloesem Blog in the UK The Independent newspaper of last weekend… with Bloesem landing in 4th place of their blog awards …! So, thank you Independent editors, UK readers, you my dear readers and my sponsors for your continued support for Bloesem … which was needed more than ever before I can assure you for me to, as the British say,  “keep calm and carry on”…


But not to despair … one of the reasons I have been in the trenches is because I am about to launch a revamped Bloesem … and I am doing all of the actual tech-work myself!! … talking about a steep learning curve … but looks like after two weeks or so outside my comfort zone … not sure in which zone I was :) but suddenly I saw the light … I think I might actually be able to pull it off!

Anyway, I promise to write a separate post on my “html/css coding travails” next week, sort of a Biz tutorial … my sincere apologies to all the sponsors, new and existing, for the delayed responses to your emails … it is great to see that there is so much interest in Bloesem and I will respond to you, so please bear with me … and while I am getting my admin house in order during the next few days, I will go a little light on the new posts … I hope you understand … Bloesem will be back in full swing in a couple of days … I will see you then! ~xoxo Irene

ps. Marjon made these images of my boys while she was visiting us in KL. The cool crocodile t-shirt is by Chicken Rhythm and the pillows in the back were all made by myself using fabric from ikea, tas-ka and ittikid.

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  1. Hiskia

    Wat knap dat je het technische deel zelf in handen hebt genomen! Succes & hopelijk vind je snel wat meer rust!

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