I Did iT 2.0 …


Time for a new light to shine on BloesemKids … Marjon made this picture in my home.

My dear Readers,

Those of you who also read Bloesem Living may have wondered, after seeing its revamp earlier this week, what about BKids…? And you are right. You had to bear with me for a few days…but I managed to finish BKids’ new design right on schedule…a bit of a scramble last night…sorting through (or rather suffering through…) the last bits of code, but I did it! Yes, your editor in chief has designed, built and coded this new look herself…not bad hmm?…if I might say so myself…:) …the why, what, how…you can read all about on Bloesem Living… no need to belabour some of the obstacles I found on my way to get this done, but I would recommend reading the basic guidance, do’s and don’ts that may come in handy when you decide to embark on a project like this… (not sure though I would recommend going about it in the same way I did!)

I am super excited of course… both blogs up and running in a new design just before  the busiest time of the year starts … you will have guessed it … the Holiday Season is almost upon us… lots of things to get ready for …

To me, the new design, it almost feels like launching Bloesem 2.0; I think the best way to describe it is that somehow it seems this heralds a new episode for Bloesem and me, somewhat of a tipping point after more than six years of blogging… and I don’t mean things like getting bigger or better, but just the sense that my readers, you, and sponsors alike really know why they visit and like Bloesem… similarly, I have over the years developed a clear(er) vision where I would like my two blogs to go… this has been an evolving process of course and certainly not a straight line from A to B, but more like a very enjoyable journey, making and changing plans along the way… and we’re not there yet…! So stay tuned… I truly hope you remain my travel companions for years to come?! Much love irene xoxo

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Diana

    You superwoman! Designing & building & coding – I couldn’t even if I desperately wanted it. Great job!

  2. Marjolein

    Super duper Irene. Prachtig en zo knap! Lots or respect. Proud of you Powergirl. XXX

  3. margarita

    I really like the new design on both blogs, well done for doing it yourself, I am hopeless. I love this lamp shade, so super cute!

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