Tas-ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Not sure if you need an introduction … but will give you a quick one … Tas-ka is a Dutch design company by Jantien Baas en Hester Worst …  Tas-ka is the Czech word for handbag and designing handbags is were it began for these two friends … a breakthrough came with a gorgeous collection fabrics manufactured for their own label. The fabrics are used in children, fashion and home accessories.

A couple of years ago they also opened a brick and mortar shop in the Hague were you can find products from other Dutch designers. I love their style and they way they used simple materials like concrete and chipwood but making the shop truly special .. what do you think?

Oh don’t cry if you can’t visit .. the ladies have an online shop too!

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague



Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

Bloesem Living | Tas-Ka in The Hague

(ps. an interview with the ladies from Tas-ka on BKids right here)


.. Tas-ka

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  1. gina

    Your site makes me want to travel to the Netherlands pronto! I love all of the patterns and textiles but, the raw wood cubby hole really drew me in. I’m currently extremely fascinated with the idea of raw wood exposed and used. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thej

    Love Tas-ka! Heb al veel producten in huis of kado gegeven, maar ben ook in love met de bank. Vast niet van Tas-ka, maar van wie dan wel???

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