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It’s time for a giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is kindly sponsored by Little Baby Company. They pride themselves as source of inspiration and a place we can turn to for unique products for the little ones. Little Baby Company is a family run business with 2 beautiful children of their own, so we trust that they have an eye for products we would buy for our own little prince and princesses.

Speaking of princesses! Let’s move on to the more exciting stuff. For the giveaway, one lucky B.Kids reader stands a chance to win either the astronaut or princess bed set!

What can you win : Your choice of either the Astronaut or the Princess bed set

What you have to do: is leave a comment below with your favorite baby room accessory from Little Baby Company.

AND to have an extra chance: PIN the little doggie below it for an extra entry

As simple as that. No hidden strings attached we promise.

WINNER IS : Clementine Risley

We’ll choose a winner in a week, on Wed 14 Nov ’13 and contact the lucky person via email.

Good luck!

Bloesem Kids | Doggie sleeping Snurk


.. Little Baby Company
.. Bed set dog at Little Baby Company

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Siouxzy

    I love all of their throw pillows. The horse might be my favorite for a nursery.

  2. Dixie-Anne

    Oh, how I want to be an astronaut! It’s the closest I’ll get to being Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong but I guess I’ll give the set to my adorable nephew and tell him about the time I watched a man walk on the moon.

  3. Charlene V.

    What a lovely site. I love the Rabbit Lamp so very much! Thank you for the chance to win the Princess bedding <3

  4. Laura

    that astronaut set is the greatest! fave room accessory would have to be the toadstool lamps – i’m loving the pink!

  5. Hilla B

    love love love their china dog lamp…and the doggie set….

  6. Gemma

    Wow – I’m new to your blog and what a way to start! I love these bed sets – please send at least one to Australia immediately!! Little Baby Company, I love your site but these bed sets are definitely my favourite. Closely followed by the Dream Big cushions, something we all want for our princes and princesses.

    As for my princesses, Amelie and Billie, I’m not sure who would win the tussle to sleep under this set but the smiles I can picture on their faces are probably worth the cost of two! Or……is it a lesson in sharing (a two-headed princess maybe?!)?

  7. Hiskia

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a Princess bed set!
    My favorite childrens room accessory is the Pigeon Wall Light, playful & stylish. Also love this bed set with the beagle, we have a similar look in our bedroom… just ours is alive and snoring 😉

  8. Charlotte

    I love the cloud storage boxes and the ferm wall units for displaying little treasures

  9. Siobhán Saracbasi

    Love their range of retro toys but the bed linen shown here is absolutely adorable too! My two boys would seriously fight over the astronaut!

  10. Siobhán Saracbasi

    Love their range of retro toys but the bed linen shown here is absolutely adorable too! My two boys would seriously fight over the astronaut!

  11. Rie Teglberg Jensen

    OMG I love the astronaut bedding for my son… Love love love is. Fingers crossed.

  12. Rie Teglberg Jensen

    Double clicking for extra entry – to die for give away 😉 thanks

  13. Clementine Risley

    Another great find from my favourite company – Little Baby Company!
    So cute and original. Feel like cuddling that cute little dog 😉
    My favourite item is the organic cotton crochet toadstool pouffe. What a gorgeous accessory and so unique!

  14. Stacy Devereaux

    I love little baby company, favourite purchase has to be cardboard playhouse, my son spent hours colouring and playing inside it!

  15. Petra

    I just love the little astronaut’s bedcover. a real little boys dream!

  16. kris

    I never win, and must say that this time it is not for me but for the child of my brother. She went to visit us and loved the princess-bed of our daughter. With you princess bed she would be superhappy!

  17. Paz

    All the bed sets are awesome,
    but the astronaut is just out of this world!

  18. valerie

    Sweets, colorful and funny… here at home, we like the “animal nesting dolls”.
    I wish you all the best for your new projects for Bloesem 😉

  19. Reagan

    The astronaut bed set is the best! I also like the shops horse mobil and Nativity scene nesting dolls. There are tons of great gift ideas there!
    Reagan C

  20. Alpha Puey

    Thank you for this chance to win. I love love love the austronaut bed set. I have 2 boys and I’m sure they don’t mind having to share it taking turns using them!

  21. Kristine Corpus

    I love the astronaut bed set! As a science teacher I’d love my son to own one! Hope I win, thanks for the giveaway.

  22. mirabelle

    Love the Princess bed set but also love the Toadstool Pouffe.

  23. Celine

    I like the Bamboo eco friendly bird trio mobile.

    Thanks for this give-away! I’m crossing my fingers…

  24. Love Dogs

    FLY ME to the moon …. Love at first sight. I promise to send you a greatest photo ever of me as the astronaut !

  25. Veronika

    Oh my, i looove the princess bed set! So incredibly cute!!!
    My favorite accessories from the Little Baby Company is their entire colorful wooden toys range! But choosing only one, my favorite is definitely the awesome Playsam wooden roadster ride-on toy!
    Thanks for this lovely give away!

  26. Mojca

    My favorite baby room accessory from Little Baby Company is Black cat print by Ingela P Arrhenius. I just love everything she does.


  27. Brigitte

    My favorite item is the duvet cover with the doggie! Unfortunately in our bed there is no room for this dog, since we have the ‘live’ version of this cover with our dog Sultán keeping our feet warm. But my son would love to be an astronaut.

  28. Maita Ereneta

    I love the astronaut bed set!!! Every astronaut wannabe should have one.

  29. Heidi Swart

    I love the magnetic woodlands wallpaper!! Absolutely love the Princess bed set too

  30. Sue

    Hmmm so many things, but once I saw it i loved it – Rosie Revere Engineer book…( and of course the astronaut bed linen).

  31. Sarah

    So many great gifts! Love the Ferm Living display boxes and the astronaut bed linen is amazing. Fingers crossed!

  32. barb tew

    Love the blog! LOVE THE ASTRONAUT BED SET! (My husband is a real live rocket scientist who works on the Shuttle – now, what will hopefully be its replacement)

  33. fie

    The astronaut, please.
    And my favorite baby room accessory?

    I like the christmas nativity nesting dolls but the flensted elephant party mobile is also very cute.

  34. ingrid

    i love love love the pigeon wall light in white – so classic!
    pinned the dog too 😉

  35. Michael

    My son is obsessed with the moon and space, so definitely the astronaut.

  36. Sofie Duron

    I love so much the fawn/deer lamp. So cute for our little cousin, Lili.
    Lili acts like a real princess, and sleeping like a real princess would be awesome!!

  37. Mariana Matas

    The toadstool night light – gold is so so original and playful.

  38. Sanja

    Love the Astronaut bed set!
    The little doggie bad set is my favorite from Little Baby Company.

  39. Karin Van Eygen

    I love the astronaut blanket and I’m sure my son would too.
    My favourite accessory of Little Baby Company is the robot lunch box. It reminds me of the lunch boxes that were popular when I was a kid (but wasn’t allowed to have).
    Great sites (both) by the way!


  40. Alisha Lowien

    My favourite baby room accessory is the FermLiving Little Dorm Pink Wall Unit

  41. Claire lefton

    The cyclelephants mobile is adorable and so classic. Love the bed sheets

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