Christmas at My Deer

Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas

Another home for us to drool over and gain some ideas for Christmas decorating from is the home of My Deer!

One major thing we spotted is how unlike most homes with just one big tree in the living room, Maaike from My Deer has a few mini ones, placed throughout the house. And they are all perfectly placed in different types of clear jars. Love the variation between those that have the tops of the trees out of the jar and those that have the entire tiny christmas tree in them. A great alternative for families or people who can’t or prefer not to have a huge tree in their homes, that they have to lug home from wherever they have bought it.

Instead of a lot of ornaments, she has gone for using mostly natural elements to spread the christmas cheer. Like the clipboard with the note and dried flower, so simple and yet so beautiful.

We hope you got some ideas from My Deer, we sure did! (more inspiration and ideas after the break)

Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas

Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas
Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas

Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas


Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas

Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas

Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas

Bloesem Living | MYDeer Christmas

All images by Maaike Koster.
.. My Deer

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