Class ALERT: Calligraphy with Maybelle Imasa

Bloesem Living | Maybelle Calligraphy


How wonderful is this … we had such an overwhelming response to our first two Calligraphy classes scheduled for 11 March that they sold out very quickly .. so together with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls we decided to add an extra class on March 6! … we definitely should make the most of it while this calligraphy expert is visiting Singapore don’t you think.


Bloesem Living | Maybelle Calligraphy

Me personally I’m so looking forward to this class and be able to learn this beautiful skill myself too. I have tried at home several times but know I can use some help.

Think about the endless possibility you can use this skill for … writing down recipes for a friend to make it a bit more special, send a warm and kind letter to someone special, add a little gift tag to a present or just start using your new handwriting skills in a journal … makes it all the more special.

More information about this Bloesem Class or the other ones please visit BLOESEM.CO our new website and online shop.

Bloesem Living | Maybelle Calligraphy


.. Sign up now for ABC’s of Calligraphy on Thrusday 6 March.

.. Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls


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