Class Alert: Water, Paint & Brushes!

  Bloesem class alert| Watercolor painting class with Arounna from Bookhou

Class Alert: Watercoloring class with Arounna from Bookhou

Watercolouring is now more than just musings on paper, it is seamlessly being intertwined with objects in our everyday lives. With an artistic play of liquid hues, you can transform simple objects or fabrics into beautiful home accessories to brighten up your room or even fashion pieces like totes to spice up your wardrobe! All this can be achieved with the help of Arounna Khounnoraj — textiles genius, artist and founder of Bookhou! Arounna will teach you the basic watercolour techniques such as wet-in-wet, glazing and washes for you to create lively visuals pleasing to the eye. The results are stunning and magical. You will be amazed at your own work! But that’s not all… you will learn to transfer your watercolour expressions into practical items, something you can show off in your home or on the streets! So why not let this be a date to instill a sense of renewed energy towards watercolouring!

Arounna will also be teaching a shibori class while she’s here! Read more about it here. And if you are interested in attending both classes, well we couldn’t be happier and of course there is always a special deal for that!

PACKAGE DEAL Attend both of Arounna’s classes, ‘Water, Paint and Brushes!’ — and — ‘Shibori Dyeing with Indigo’, and enjoy a $40 discount by dropping us an email to purchase both classes.

Bloesem class alert| Watercolor painting class with Arounna from Bookhou

3 fun hours of engaging in a hands-on art experience… Creating patterns, replicating physical objects with paint or just splashing colours to create your own unique art playground! Open to all abilities, the workshop will cover a demonstration of watercolour techniques by Arounna, sufficient time for you to express your creativity and plenty of feedback and help from the teacher. You will not only wave goodbye with your very own art pieces but a goodie bag to continue creating more watercolour magic at home. Accompanied with delicious food and drinks, it will be a great time of discovering your own style, unlocking your creativity, and finding your creative voice! You can even bring along your child for a fun time of bonding over water, paint and brushes!

Photo credits: Bookhou unless mentioned.
Find out more about Arounna, Bookhou or the class here.


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