Christmas Stockings DIY


Here’s a fun idea for holiday visitors or party guests. Mini stockings filled with little treats for little (or not so little) ones. You can hang these on your tree and pass them out to guests or unexpected visitors like a sort of Christmas party bag. Fill them with edible treats and small toys to keep little people entertained.


What you will need: 
*Stocking template: Download Mini Stocking template
*Plain fabric
*Plain paper
*Craft knife
*Paint (we used regular poster paint)

Step 1:

Print your stocking template, cut it out and trace around the shapes onto your fabric.


Step 2:

Carefully with your craft knife cut some Christmas shapes from your plain paper. I like to make two or three different sizes to give a bit of interest.


Step 3:

Hold your cut shape over the fabric and with your sponge begin slowly dabbing on the paint.


Step 4:

Carry on stamping, making sure to give enough time for your paint to dry so you don’t smudge it. Its really tempting to place your template close to wet areas so I like to work on both sides of the stocking at once to reduce the temptation to stamp too close to wet areas.


Step 5:

Once your paint is dry, cut out your stocking shapes and pin your decorated sides together.


Step 6:

You can now sew your stocking up. I used my sewing machine but these are small so won’t take long to sew by hand.


Step 7:

Once sewn, turn your stocking right side out.


Step 8:

So that you can hang your stockings on your tree, sew your ribbon pieces to the back.


Step 9:

Now you can fill them and leave them on your tree.


 .. Showpony

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