We’re coming to Amsterdam in May!

Bloesem living | Spring Bloesem Classes, May in Amsterdam

Bloesem's May Amsterdam class line-up

23 & 24 May: Candle Making using 100% Botanical ingredients

26 & 27 May: Improving your Online Presence with Irene Hoofs & Zara Salahuddin

30 & 31 May: Modern Handwriting with Josselin Bijl

This May the Bloesem Team returns to Amsterdam with 3 fun classes for our eager learners who reside across the world from us. We picked 3 of our favourite classes and want to share them with you! Each class has 2 sessions so pick a date (you don't have to go for both) and come pick up a new skill. 

.. More information about the classes after the cut.

Bloesem living | Spring Bloesem Classes, May in Amsterdam

Class No. 1: Candle Making

Learn from the Bloesem Team the secrets to making beautiful and unique scents candles with natural essential oils. We will teach you how to make soy container candles with your very own individual scents… and yes, you can bring your own jars to give your candles a personal touch! Unlike most candles, soy candles are 100% bio-degradable, chemical-free, produce little soot or smoke, burn cooler, last longer and with all that still smell so heavenly! Burn them at home or give them away as gifts, these personalized scented candles that you make are sure to impress your family or friends! .. Join Candle Making

Bloesem living | Spring Bloesem Classes, May in Amsterdam

Class No. 2: Improving your Online Presence with Irene Hoofs & Zara Salahuddin

Learn how to reach a wider online audience in this class specifically catered to newbie online entrepreuners. Bloesem founder Irene Hoofs along with Bloesem creative Zara Salahuddin will talk you through all the tips and tricks of how to create online content for your blogs and other forms of social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Learn the behind the scenes process of searching for content, presenting content in a way that suits your personal style/brand as well as creating original content and photography. Along with tips and tricks for taking the best mobile photography shots yet! .. Join Improving your Online Presence

Bloesem living | Spring Bloesem Classes, May in Amsterdam

Class No. 3: Modern Handwriting with Josselin Bijl

A twist on classic calligraphy, modern handwriting is a huge trend on Instagram, Pinterest and basically every corner of the internet. Truly for beginners, Josselin will give you the right tools and skills to kickstart your journey to writing beautiful strokes and lettering even if you think that you have barely legible handwriting.  With all these basics at your fingertips, you will then learn to write your name or a favourite quote to design your very own print! .. Join Modern Handwriting

First & last image credits: Josselin Bijl

.. Bloesem class in Amsterdam

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