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We’re so psyched to see you’ve joined us on this new platform! It’s been a long time coming.. Feels pretty unreal to think about how this blog has grown over the past decade, but coming in 10 years is definitely a sign for a change, don’t you think? BloesemDesign.com is a brand new space where our 2 blogs, Bloesem Living and Bloesem Kids, come together in perfect unison as we continue to share our work in content creation, documents our love for travel, design, crafts, all things kids-related, and everything in between. We are totally loving this new refreshing space, and we sure hope you do too. Here’s to a new journey ahead! Enjoy!

Xo, The Bloesem Team


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Bloesem Living l News : KOEL Window Display at Atheneum Bookstore

KOEL Window Display at Athenaeum Bookstore

Today's the day! We are so excited and happy to have our own KOEL window display at Athenaeum Bookstore for a week starting today in celebration of KOEL'S debut! Big thank you to Athenaeum Bookstore for...
Bloesem Living I News : KOEL Classes in Amsterdam

Classes in Amsterdam

Yes you didn't hear it wrongly, we are back in Amsterdam! Here for the launch party of our "baby" - KOEL Magazine Issue 1, we are so excited to be able to share this labour of love finally with all of you...
Bloesem Living | Meet our KOEL Ambassadors

Meet our KOEL Ambassadors

Launching a new magazine is so thrilling but at the same time I'm humbled to have the support of my friends and fellow bloggers whom I very much admire. To be a part of a community that shares similar...

KOEL Magazine by Studio Bloesem

YES, the secret is out, everyone! Studio Bloesem is going to be launching our very own magazine *throws confetti* AND we would love to have you be a part of it too by supporting our Kickstarter...
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