Class Recap: Food Styling and Mobile Photography with Bosch

Bloesem Living | Bloesem Class Recap: Food Styling and Mobile Photography with Bosch

Photo by @somethingaboutzj

Yet another amazing class with our friends from Bosch.. We were up bright and early two weeks ago for our Food Styling and Mobile Photography class at the Bosch Experience Center which means a few of our favourite things — styling, taking photos and definitely some very delicious treats!

We were treated to a great display by chef John Sawarto, whipped up quickly with Bosch’s Series 8 Ovens which looked so simple to control. While Chef John could have baked the salmon to a crisp, he demonstrated how we can easily control the oven to just leave it a tad undercooked so they would show up better in photos. He also shared with us some additional tricks of the trade about how to take your meals from oven to table and artfully style your food for the perfect Instagram shot, having done food styling for years himself!

It’s always lovely to meet and get to know our students who came from all walks of life. Seeing how they applied their new-found skills when they tried their hand at plating, styling and photography on their own during the second half of the class is so rewarding and never fails to bring a smile to our faces.. I mean take a look for yourself! These pictures here are all by our students, and they’ve got some very beautiful shots, wouldn’t you agree? And there’s more at #bloesemclass..

Bloesem Living | Bloesem Class Recap: Food Styling and Mobile Photography with Bosch

Photo from @limsysy and @somethingaboutzj

We hope that our students had a wonderful like we did. And if you missed this one, don’t fret — we have more Bloesem Classes lined up for you so hop on to the Bloesem Shop right now for all the details!

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