Lost Guides: Bali

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview: Bali Travel Guide

Beyond good food and captivating photography, one of our favourite things here at Studio Bloesem is travel. That is why we just adore Anna Chittenden’s “Lost Guides – Bali” travel guide. It doesn’t just give us the inside information on some of Bali’s best haunts, it’s the perfect combination of all three of our favourite things.

So when the opportunity arose to have a chat with her about what inspired her to write a guide book, and whether or not she plans to expand the series, we, of course, grabbed at it.

When did you fall in love with Bali?
It was my second trip to Bali. (On my first visit I didn’t really know where to go!). I was with an old friend and we rented a simple beach hut right on the cliff down in Padang Padang on the Bukit Peninsula. I woke up to waves crashing on the rocks below us, and we spent our days surfing, practicing yoga and drinking Bintang beers at sunset in Uluwatu.

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview: Bali Travel Guide

Why did you decide to write this book?
In the summer of 2014 I launched my travel website thelostguides.com as a space to share curated travel recommendations for destinations in Asia. Bali soon became one of the most popular places on the website, and people were messaging me daily asking for more of my Bali tips. After visiting Bali numerous times, and having friends that live there, I had built up enough insider knowledge to fill a book! I then launched a crowdfunding campaign to test the idea, and finally launched Lost Guides – Bali at the end of 2015. The book is now being sold in stores here is Singapore, as well as Bali, Bangkok, London and The Netherlands, and online.

What makes Bali so special?
Bali has something for everyone, whether you want to chill out and have relaxing massages all day, or be more active by taking a surf board out to tackle the waves. The food there is incredible too, with the restaurant scene at international standards. There’s a wonderful spiritual side to the island too. You can’t walk a couple of metres without seeing colourful offerings scattered on the pavement, or locals dressed up in traditional clothing to attend a ceremony at the temple. There’s an incredibly rich artistic side to Bali, with unbelievably talented artisans that specialize in wood carvings, mask making, painting and bone carving to name but a few. It’s one of those places you can go to to get away from it all, or party every night if you want to.

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview: Bali Travel Guide
What is the next Lost Guides?
I’ll continue to do more guidebooks for the Asia region. I’m now deciding if it’s going to be a city destination or another island… I’ll be sure to let Bloesem know!

What is your favourite word with the letter ‘B’?
I use the word beautiful probably more than I should!

Truth be told, so do we! But looking at her photos of Bali and just reading about all her experiences, there is no better word than “beautiful” to describe it all.

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview: Bali Travel Guide

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