KOEL Ambassador: Arounna of Bookhou

Bloesem Living | KOEL Update: Arounna of Bookhou

Meet the screen-printing genius, Arounna Khounnoraj from Bookhou who continues to be Bloesem’s craft inspiration! Arounna and her husband founded Bookhou, the multi-disciplinary studio in 2002 and together they create natural handmade pieces such as furniture, textiles and ceramic products. We’ve talked about their beautiful creations on the blog couple of times, invited Arounna to teach our Shibori Dyeing Bloesem Class, and we’ve also been carrying some of their items on the Bloesem Shop  — which, were such a hot favourite we’re only left with very few pieces before we’re completely sold out! After all these years, we can confidently say we’re still in love with their work and items. (Every one in the Bloesem team uses one item from Bookhou’s collection.. or more!)

Bloesem Living | KOEL Update: Arounna of Bookhou

Today we’re introducing Bookhou as one of the ambassadors for KOEL Magazine and it means so much to us that another crafter supports our work and projects too. Thank you so much dear Arounna, for being so supportive through these years even though we’re all the way across the world. The online community truly is incredible.

Bloesem Living | Arounna of Bookhou is our KOEL Ambassador

Bloesem Living | Interview with Bookhou for the Bloesem Gazette

Bloesem Living | Interview with Bookhou for the Bloesem Gazette

Grab your very own copy of KOEL Magazine’s debut issue… make your pre-order now!

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