KOEL Ambassador: Handmade Charlotte

Bloesem Living | KOEL Update: Rachel Faucett from Handmade Charlotte

I’m sure you guys are familiar with Rachel Faucett, or Handmade Charlotte, already. We’ve featured countless of her quirky and fun crafts from her colourful blog and we can’t help it.. We’re really such huge fans of her DIYs! As a mom (of five!) herself, Rachel comes up with the most tantalising dishes and creative activities that are all super kid-friendly.

Bloesem living | KOEL Magazine Ambassador | Handmade Charlotte

Mini Sardine Can Dioramas

If you scroll through her blog as often as we do, you know it’s chock-full of great ideas, especially for the little ones and the family. She makes the loveliest things; I even remember the floral bloomers from about 5-6 years back.. If I had a girl, I know that’s what she’d be prancing about in all day in this eternal summer.

Bloesem living | KOEL Magazine Ambassador | Handmade Charlotte

Giant Pasta Necklace Party

We’re so lucky to have Rachel, a crafter herself, support our latest venture — the KOEL Magazine for all the yarn crafters out there! It’s getting real exciting now, we’re in the midst of putting all our content together for the debut issue. October just can’t come sooner!

Bloesem living | KOEL Magazine Ambassador | Handmade Charlotte

Pre-order your copy of the KOEL Magazine debut issue or if you would like to get a wholesale pack for your retail establishment we would be more than happy!

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