Visit These 9 Instagram-Worthy Places in Singapore

Living in a metropolitan city, it’s always been quite a challenge to find spots that are refreshing and rejuvenating for the eyes and the mind. Often surrounded by walls and walls of concrete, gems around town are hard to come by, so here is our list of Instagram-worthy places in Singapore that you should definitely visit when you’re in town!

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore


1. Ion Sky

Orchard Road’s best kept secret. The Ion Sky Observatory is an accessible-to-all area, where you can view the city skyline from the 56th floor, just 218 metres into the clouds. Enjoy quiet moments here as you bask in the serenity from way up high, for free!

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore

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2. Cloud Forest at Gardens By the Bay

The Cloud Forest is an indoor manmade rainforest, and part of Gardens by the Bay. Filled with foliage, this is also a wonderful hideout from the humid weather in Singapore as it is air-conditioned. Don’t forget to head to the top and enjoy the spectacular views!

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore


3. Future World at ArtScience Museum

The very first permanent exhibition of the ArtScience Museum, Future World is an incredible marriage of art and technology. Both adults and the young ones will thoroughly enjoy a visit here, experiencing the collision of art and technology. The ‘Crystal Universe’, an installation of accumulation of lights, is an absolute hit (evidently on Instagram!) as it’s super interactive, changing along with the movement of visitors.

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore


4. National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore opened its doors to the public last November after going through a decade-long facelift. It is now a hotspot for both tourists and locals alike. The clean, modern lines mixed with rich history and architecture also makes this visual arts gallery a favorite amongst photographers.

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore



Essentially an independent arts space constructed using 19 re-purposed shipping containers, DECK is located in the hip art and heritage district of Bras Basah, and is a platform for photographers to exhibit their works.

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore

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6. The Hive at Nayang Technological University

You would never guess that this building is actually part of a local University! The Hive, located at the Nanyang Technological University, serves as a campus space for students to network and socialise. Those with a keen eye will also be attracted to this unique institutional structure like honey to the bee.

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore

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7. Sugei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sungei Buloh is Singapore’s very first wetland reserve and is instrumental in the migratory of birds, globally! Sprawling across a wide mangrove swamp, it is a great destination for kids to explore the wonders of Mother Nature. Enjoy unobstructed sceneries of your surroundings and the sea from the pods (pictured) found at various locations in the reserve.

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore

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8. Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Home to the Singapore’s performing arts scene, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is iconic to Singapore’s skyline and history. With picturesque architecture, blending the old and the new, the performing arts venue is also a popular spot for wedding photoshoots.

Bloesem Living | Snap these 9 Instagram-worthy places in Singapore

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9. HDBs

HDBs, or public housing apartments, usually appear drab and dreary because of the uniformity and the way it’s been designed and built. But take a step back … much further back, and one can really see the beauty in this organized structure, and enjoy it. Particularly for the obsessive-compulsive. We’re also loving that punch of quirkiness right in the middle of the frame. One of the most Insta-famous rainbow-colored Rochor HDB are set in the heart of Bugis, just a stone’s throw from Little India. It is an estate, made up of HDB blocks built in the 1970s housing a mix of residential and commercial occupants. Sadly, Rochor Centre is now up for en-bloc, and will soon be torn down for redevelopment.

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