3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

Bloesem Living | 3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

With everyone using the likes of the iPhone, Samsung and what-have-yous, and children being trained to use laptops and iPads in school, it’s hard to believe that there are still loved stationery stores around — and cool ones at that! Pencils, pens, and paper are more than just tools. To people like you and I, stationery holds a strong sentimental value. It’s the things we grew up with, held and kept dearly till technology took over. Even then, there are still a bunch of us who appreciate the good ol’ stuff. Technology can fail us sometimes, so it’s nice to know that there are beautiful stationery around still! Plus, isn’t it nice to receive a handwritten note or card every now and then?

Let us take you to different parts of the world and show you 3 stationery shops that even the most IT-savvy would love!

Bloesem Living | 3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

1. CW Pencils
We go back to basics with CW Pencils, in Manhattan New York. Owner Caroline Weaver, at only 24 years old, has made it a point to make a living out of selling this simple writing instrument, at a time where technology is taking over. Her range of pencils are arranged according to their country of origin, and include plenty vintage collections in mint condition.

Bloesem Living | 3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

Bloesem Living | 3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

2. Choosing Keeping
Choosing Keeping is another stationery store we love, right in East London. It was built with the foundation that stationery plays an integral part in society at large, despite being in the digital age. The small shop stocks everything from exquisite Italian scissors to Japanese pencils. Most of their customers are long-time returning regulars who comes back to buy their desk’s essentials.

Bloesem Living | 3 Stationery Stores You Should Visit

3. Like Stationery
You can’t mention stationery without talking about paper. This is one of our go-tos: LikeStationery in Amsterdam. Founded by graphic designer Sanne Dirkzwager, you can expect only the most beautiful paper products here. It’s stock full with goods so irresistible, there better be a lock on your wallet!

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