Meet the KOEL Kids

Bloesem Living | KOEL Magazine: Meet the KOEL Kids

One thing we’ve always loved is to shine light on those who are under-the-radar … because we see the potential in them. On Bloesem, we’ve got the Quick Start column, offering brands a platform to be seen and heard, and on KOEL, you’ll basically get to “Meet the KOEL Kids” — up-and-coming talents with a unique flair.

Much like the quiet kid who sits in the corner and does his/her own thing, these artists have stories to tell and we feel it’s our due diligence to share them with you. In our interview, we put them in scenarios and challenge them to dream bigger! It could be an impetus to their burgeoning popularity, which could effect in having their works shown to a wider audience — just as they deserve to be!

Thus far, we’ve had the honour of getting to know various crafters better, from the likes of weaver Haily Tran from BforBrian, Singaporean mixed media artist Izziyana Suhaimi, and embroider Sylvia Hérissé. We’re always on the look out for rising crafters. Connect with us via Instagram to recommend one!

Bloesem Living | KOEL Magazine: Meet the KOEL Kids

.. Izziyana Suhaimi
.. Sylvia Hérissé

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