Bloesem Living | #B.Instagood - 5 Singaporean Instagrammers

5 Singaporean Instagrammers

In celebration of Singapore's 50th birthday, we have a very special edition of our weekly #B.Instagood column. Here's 5 Singaporean Instagrammers we think are doing Instagram right! If we were to say the words...

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Bloesem living | Instagram feature: @saicote

Negative Space

It's okay to be negative.. Well, not be negative per se.. but it's okay to use negative space in photography. Actually it's more than okay, it's great! Based in Thailand, Sai uses alot of negative space in...
Bloesem Instagram love | Pancakes in bed

Pancakes in bed

Of all of Anne-sophie's beautiful instagram images, my favourites are the one that feature her pink bedding and in this particular shot, the pink bedding and 2 stacks of glorious banana pancakes. It...
Be Instagood - Emma Austen

Emma shows you New York

Emma is the founder and creative director over at And North, a curated guide to upstate New York. As a photographer we aren't surprised that her instagram feed is filled with gorgeous imagery. For anyone...
Instagram bloesem stine marie

A tranquil home

It's said that having a messy home equates to having a messy mind, maybe not in those exact words, but you get the gist. On the other end of the spectrum, there's a sense of tranquility and peace in...
Beauty in folds lisa gothenburg bloesem

Beauty in folds

Lisa is a Gothenburg-based origami artist.. something a little different since we usually share the typical Instagram squares.. but how inspiring is this palette that Lisa works with? The soft pinks and all...
Sophia Hsin bloesem

Sophia Hsin

We are big fans of photography focusing on shadows and lights.. Sophia is a vancouver-based photographer and her use of natural lighting and elements such as plants and flowers gives us that warm feeling...
Imaginary Silhouettes bloesem art

Imaginary Silhouettes

It's quite a change of scenery we have had.. working in the new studio with the greenery and the bird chirping, you feel a sense of calm.. paired with pictures from Julie's instagram.. peaceful and...
Bloesem living | Instagood - Mariinadenisova

Colour study: Cognac

One way to keep a consistent instagram feed is choosing a theme or colour to tie all the photos together. Mariina's feed is a beautiful colour study of cognac and brown hues, rich and warm....