Bloesem Living | Hallway Inspiration

Hallway inspiration

No. 1 While it's not a room, hallways do see a fair share of people going through them to get to the various rooms and some even serve as storage areas so they must not be neglected either! Here are...

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Bloesem Living | Reading corners

Curl up with a good book here

No. 1 When I want to curl up with a good book, I'd do it inside at home and I also like to make sure that my little reading nook is as cosy as possible, with great lighting -- whether it's from a large...
Bloesem Living | 10 Dining Room Inspirations

10 Inspiring Dining Rooms for Everyone

No. 1 Thinking of spicing up the dining area or giving it a refreshing change? Well, we've got you. Here are some inspirations we found -- whether you prefer round tables or long rectangular tables,...
Bloesem Living | MInimal Bathroom Inspiration

Inspiration for the minimal bathroom

No. 1 I'm just going to say it -- everyone appreciates a beautiful bathroom as well. Read on for some minimal bathroom inspo, because yes -- it needs some lovin' too. No. 2 No....
Bloesem Living | Spruce up your backyards and gardens

Spruce up the outdoor living space

No. 1 With such nice weather, we know we're going to be spending a good part of our day at the garden and the outdoors. And like the interiors, it need some lovin' too. Here are some inspirations we...
Bloesem Living | 8 Japanese Design Homes

8 Japanese Design homes

No. 1 Japanese design homes are definitely one of my sources of interior inspirations. Kept clean and minimal, they just feel like a breath of fresh air when you look at them, you know what I mean? We...
Bloesem Living | High Ceilings Inspiration

Aim high

No. 1 All that added space and light that come with high ceilings really open up the home, doesn't it? Look at the difference it makes! Plus it also gives you extra room to get creative with...
Bloesem Living | Bedside Inspiration

9 Bedside Inspiration

No. 1 Our bedside area is probably the first thing we access when we begin the day and also the last when we turn in for the night. We say it's important that it's both functional and aesthetically...
Bloesem Living | Open, Airy Workspaces

Open, Airy Workspaces

No. 1 Our workspace space here in the studio is open and  airy.. just the way we like it. In fact, we'd say some our creative ideas come from the many inspirations we find around our space! Finding...