Dutch Design

Dutch Design

Bloesem living | Dutch design studio Plott

Printing textures & surfaces

It's incredible - the number and types of things you can print in this day and age, it's possibly infinite. The days of just printing something on paper are long gone. Now anything can be printed with 3d...

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A visit to Kleine Fabriek

Irene’s inspiring visit to Kleine Fabriek

Today is a good day to smile.. yes we think so too! Especially when we are flooded with a bunch of inspiring images from Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam. Irene, founder of Bloesem, headed down to the kids fashion...
Dutch design studio snowpuppe

Lamps for that warm feeling

Studio Snowpuppe showed the most photogenic set up in all the land (including a range of products by a host of fellow designers), well at least the land that covered the Design Kwartier trail. We could...
Dutch design Studio Pepe Heykoop

Not what you would expect

The things this designer does with leather in particular, woah. It's always refreshing to see materials we are used to seeing on a daily basis used in unusual ways and settings. Dutch design...
Bloesem living Studio Thier & Van Daalen

Studio Thier & Van Daalen

Another stop along Design Kwartier was Studio Thier & Van Daalen. They fascinate us with their interior objects that incorporate elements of nature with a play of colour, light and reflection. The...
Vij5 bloesem desing interior


If Vij5 sounds familiar, it's because we've wrote a post or 2 about the design duo on Bloesem. Walking around The Hague during Design Kwartier we somehow managed to walk right past Arjan van...
Roos Meerman bloesem dutch design

Experimental designs by Roos Meerman

Last week we did a sneaky little preview of our favourite stop along the Design Kwartier journey, but let's keep on the trail of Dutch design. Even if you did not manage to head to Design Kwartier, let us...
Amazing Power of Plants at Design Kwartier bloesem

The Amazing Power of Plants at Design Kwartier

Most definitely our favourite stop on the Design Kwartier journey we took while we were in The Hague a few weeks ago - Plant Power. The name itself, come on, how catchy is that? When you enter their wonderful...
Bloesem living | Studio Roex furniture and product design

Studio Roex

"Immediate acceptance of the presented objects is not the purpose of our work." Studio Roex presents to us pieces that make our minds work. Using familiar materials and objects and presenting them...