Face to Face

Face to Face

Bloesem Living | On the Rise: Tara Galuska

Meet Illustrator & Paper Artist Tara Galuska

As someone who has lived in three different continents, Tara Galuska is not short of wander, often seeking magical things in the everyday. A trained illustrator, it was only in recent years after moving to...

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Meet The Lady Behind Curious Creatures

In line with Singapore's National Day, we want to dedicate this week's posts to local brands, interiors and of course inspiring makers! We here are Bloesem have always been avid believers of the handmade...
Bloesem Living | On the Rise | WoodMaking Extraordinaire: Celina Muire

Woodmaking Extraordinaire: Celina Muire

At Bloesem, we love celebrating makers and their art (which is partly why KOEL was born!). Celina Muire is a woodworker and pyrographer who produces designs on wood, leather and other materials by using...
Bloesem Living | Lisa Beazley Interview

Face to Face with Author Lisa Beazley

Here at Studio Bloesem, we are huge advocates of using social media to connect to people and brands, especially since we function in such an international space. And while we're sure that many of you feel...
Bloesem Living | Interview with Elizabeth Chan

Face to face with photographer Elizabeth Chan

It's always a fun time at our Bloesem classes. Not only do we get to learn from great photographers, we also get to meet so many interesting people, and Elizabeth Chan is one of them! Last year during...
Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview: Bali Travel Guide

Lost Guides: Bali

Beyond good food and captivating photography, one of our favourite things here at Studio Bloesem is travel. That is why we just adore Anna Chittenden's "Lost Guides – Bali" travel guide. It doesn't just...
Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview: Belouk

Chatting with Maud of Belouk

And looking at her designs and fabrics, you might think that Maud Felius, owner of Belouk, would be all for design trends. But in an interview with Bloesem for our latest Bloesem Gazette, she said...
Bloesem Living | Khin Sansoni for Bloesem Gazette Issue 6

Catching up with Khin Sansoni

Starting from a very young age, Khin Sansoni was already surrounded and very involved in a variety of art forms. Eventually, she would go on to create beautiful handcrafted abstract mixed media pieces and...
Bloesem Living | Moop Shop

Getting to know Wendy of Moop Shop

Moop Shop is a studio based in Pittsburgh, where all their well-crafted bags are designed and manufactured there from start to finish. Beyond their cool everyday designs, we love how they are firm...