Bloesem Living l Interiors : Going Spiral at Home

Going Spiral at Home

No. 1 If only there's more space in Bloesem studio to go spiral... There's something so captivating about spiral staircases don't you agree? Having found in churches and castles throughout...

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Bloesem Living l Interiors: 7 Open Concept Kitchens We Love

7 Open Concept Kitchens We Love

No. 1  Breaking down some walls to explore an open concept kitchen anyone? While looking for our weekly inspirations today, we fell in love with the spacious look and airy feel of these open concept...
Bloesem Living l Interiors : Inspirations for a cozy fireplace

Inspirations For A Cozy Fireplace

No. 1  As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, don't you want to just cozy up at home with a cup of tea next to a fireplace? Though we don't get to experience winter over here in Singapore,...
Bloesem Living l Inspirations for a monochromatic workspace

Inspirations For A Monochromatic Workspace

No. 1 Shoutout to all our lovely readers, be it small business owners or makers, how does your workspace look like? Being a relatively small team here, we are constantly changing things up in the...
Bloesem Living | Interiors: A Green Statement

A Green Statement

No. 1 Living in Singapore, we can't help but feel like we're constantly camping out in the middle of the jungle - and we can't complain! With all the leafy inspiration around us, we've got green on...
Bloesem Living | Tiles Play

Tiles Play

No. 1  When you step into a space, more often than not, the eyes are very quickly drawn to features on the wall. It’s a rarity to be attracted to the floor of a space, but these stylish living areas...
Bloesem Living | The Terrazzo Trend

The Terrazzo Trend

No. 1  Terrazzo tiles, widely recognised as the preferred flooring for public places such as institutions, subway stations and patios, is now making a comeback — spilling out of the commercial arena...
Bloesem Living | 5 Singaporean Homes We Love

5 Singaporean Homes We Love

No. 1 It's the birthday of this little red dot here today and we would like to wish all our Singaporean friends Happy National Day! Here in Singapore, land is scarce, thus highly valued. So, it’s a...