That extra push! bloesem gazette

Getting motivated: That extra push!

Remember the last issue of the Bloesem Gazette, Volume 3? The cover featured a down right motivational poster (a.k.a the Pushing Beauty Manifesto) we hung in the Bloesem studio for that extra push on slow...

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OHMYHOME posters

On Monday we started the week over on Bloesem living with the simply beautiful hand-rolled ceramic pieces from new Dutch interior label OHMYHOME. Then we saw that that site had even more goodies.. these darling posters!
Bloesem Living: Vontrueba

The Veggie Collection

With the recent launch of the Veggie collection, we were drawn to Carmen's beautiful posters under her label Vontrueba. We love how she places with textures and layers and on top of the already beautiful...
Bloesem Kids | bedrooms in Antwerp_1

Apartment in Antwerp

I have the pleasure of working with Véronique Senorans for a long time over at Bloesem Kids ... Véronique creates these wonderful craft projects and although she currently lives in Africa with her family...
Bloesem Living | IntSight in Barcelona_2

Interior ideas for brands&people

IntSight ... a company from Barcelona in Spain I would hire if I needed some guidance in interior ideas for a new project ... their portfolio is a feast for the eye. It was chök, the chocolate...
Bloesem Living | Oh My Home Interiors

Oh My Home

The lovely people from Oh My Home send me one of their gorgeous new posters ... Taking Breaks is perfect for our Amsterdam apartment ... because this is going to be our place where we will be during our...

An apartment in Amsterdam

The photography style of Anne Dokter really appeals to me and her series of an apartment in Amsterdam shows you exactly why. Of course it does help when a place like this is so inspirational and has a...

Small things in our new home

Moving to a new home is one thing but decorating the new place is another ... not easy to find a good place for all my little treasures... Before this vintage white serving trolley was standing in our...

Beetles, bugs and butterflies on your wall

Do you remember me writing about Louise Roe  ... well the same agency who represents them also introduced me to Hagedornhagen. A company from Denmark founded by Mads Hagedorn-Olsen and Anders Morell...